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Pierce Corporation

For 82 years, PIERCE CORPORATION has brought major advances in irrigation convenience and economy to growers worldwide. Since R.H. Pierce founded the company in 1932, PIERCE CORPORATION has continued to build a rich history of commitment to innovation and technology. During that time, PIERCE CORPORATION pioneered and advanced Center Pivot, Linear, Micro Pivot and Control Technology. Pierce’s reputation is based on manufacturing well engineered systems that allow todays Ag Producers to increase yields while conserving the earth’s resources. PIERCE CORPORATION’S long history is a tribute to its way of doing business as well as to each and every grower choosing PIERCE Irrigation Systems.

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Globally (various continents)

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Structure design in the irrigation industry has been virtually stagnant for 25 years. In fact, the primary design changes have been simply to reduce weight and slash costs. It is Pierce Corporation’s conviction that the best machines were actually made in the mid to late 80’s.

This in fact is planned obsolescence. Pierce Corporation’s approach is vastly different due to our agricultural roots and commitment to the industry in that we wanted a machine that would last for generations.

After rigorous testing of our CP600 design, Pierce Corporation increased the wall thickness of our pipe, improved the span coupler to give considerably increased flexibility and vastly improve the strength and longevity of our structures. The tower legs have a multi-bolt fastening system to improved the strength and our pipe tabs have a load distribution design unique to the industry.

It is our commitment to see our center pivots lasting 30+ years as opposed to selling a new machine every decade.

Quality Driven

The highest quality products, support, delivery – and most importantly – after installation support in the industry.

Our Dealership Network is second to none in timely follow-up, repair and maintenance as your needs may arise.

Customer Focused

Ag Commerce.  A unique and demanding world that Pierce has the history, the team of engineers and agricultural professionals to address your needs from an experiential perspective.

We have experienced the stumbling blocks of the agriculture industry first hand and we endeavor to minimize or eliminate such obstacles.


Our global network of suppliers, manufacturers, dealers and agriculture professionals facilitate our ability to not only delivery on-time at the industry’s best price-points, but allows us to innovate in an expedient manner.

Our exposure to varied environments world-wide only enhances our knowledge base and feeds our engineering team with the ever-changing challenges of different climates and biospheres.

Global Sourcing

The power of sourcing our products globally cannot be minimized.  Having Pierce Center Pivots installed in some of the harshest environments from desolate and bleak to the cultivated and fertile provides us an endless test bed for innovation and improvement.

Our global reach and innovation is a cornerstone to our strength and power in the marketplace.  Quality • Delivery • Support.  This is the Pierce Culture.