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  • Model PLX - Magnetic Fixture

    Model PLX - Magnetic Fixture

    The robust design of the PLX magnetic luminaire is designed for maximum longevity in harsh grow environments—while maintaining a consistent light output for ideal results.

  • Model 600 Watt - HSE Fixtures

    Model 600 Watt - HSE Fixtures

    The HSE fixtures are a true innovation in electronic fixtures: growers now need fewer fixtures to achieve the same light level output. These increased light levels are achieved because the fixture combines a maximum PAR light yield with high-quality reflector technology. Fewer fixtures mean fewer connection points so less shadowing. The HSE fixture thus improves the returns on the investment made in grow lighting and makes it possible to work...

  • HSE  - Daylight Fixture

    HSE - Daylight Fixture

    The HSE Daylight fixture provides almost the same light spectrum as daylight, so this fixture is perfect for use in areas without any daylight, such as cultivation areas at testing stations or in industrial buildings. The fixture is fitted with a low-energy electronic ballast that ensures a long service life. The fixture meets all current and future durability requirements. In the case of the HSE Daylight fixture, the spectrum has been modified to...