Created in the Orleans Horticultural Union, throught the initiative of Mr André Girault, Plandorex was composed of 10 businesses, grouped together as an Economically Interested Group, an innovative struture for this era. The only aim was to make Plandorex a dominant exporter of plants in France and Europe. In 1976, the company changes the headquarters and moves to the new zone for horticultural businesses created by the town of Orleans. It acquires the equipment and the infratructure capable of adapting to the changes which international commerce will be subjected to.Today PLANDOREX is a dominant actor in the supply of plants in Europe, producing a large range of 12000 articles over 2500 varieties.

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578 Rue de Cornay , Saint-Cyr-en-Val , Centre 45590 France

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)