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Pond Megastore Pond Plants and Waterlilies is a leading distributor of pond plants, aquatic plants, trapdoor pond snails, and pond supplies. Working with ponds for 21 years Pond Megastore & Pond Plant nursery, offers pond plants & supplies across the country. We are now pleased to offer the plants, fish, and products we install locally to discriminating water gardeners and other suppliers - nation-wide.

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401 Tuscarawas St W , Canton , Ohio 44702 USA

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Fertilizing Pond Plants:

 We have a number of pages on care for the pond plants at the center drop down tab labeled 'resources'. Fertilizing is one of the most important steps for getting the best waterlilies and flowering pond plants to prodce in you water garden. Landon Waterlily fertilizer is franular in nature and the best product we have ever used. It needs to be originally mixed in with the soil when planting. Then every 3 months of the growing season more can be added with a neat little trick you can learn about here. A secondary great fertilizer is Osmocote which you can pick up at any big box store. It is pelletized and found often next to miracle grow in large big box stores. Last is the common pond tablet, easy to use but not always wonderful. To make the tablets half or more of the product is composite or clay where in Landon's water lily fertilizer you get 100% fertilizer and the best ingredients possible.

Potting Pond Plants and Water Lilies:

With the exception of some of the floating plants pond plants grow up from soil or substrate. Again under 'resources' drop down menu at the top of this page you can find many videos and text articles on potting plants properly. Waterlilies can grow from about 6 inches in depth (measurement from the top of the pot) down to sometimes 48 or 54 inches in the larger varieties. Dwarf Lotus grow in only two inches depth of water down to about 12 inches for the largest varietes. Planting plants too deep can stress or kill them. Marginal (bog) plants vary. Some can be planted above the waterline, right at the waterline for most. We call this 'wet feet - dry ankles', and still a few marginals can grow to 8 to 10 inches depth. Potting or planting Pond Plants properly is crucial. Most all plants like the largest containers possible and large varieties can be minituriized by containing them in too little soil. Water Lily plants are available in most colors Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange, Purple, Blue, and other.