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  • Cattle Equipment

  • Model CT - Calf table

    Model CT - Calf table

    Inspired by a lesson on leverage in a high school wrestling class, Bill Priefert developed the concept for his Calf Table in 1988, releasing the first double pivot Calf Table on the market. Unlike most calf tables, which are bulky, heavy, or awkward to use, the Priefert Calf Table’s patented two-stage pivot action uses the weight of the calf to move the table into position, allowing you to handle bigger calves with less effort. This is the...

  • Model OS-1 90 - Degree Premier Open Sweep

    Model OS-1 90 - Degree Premier Open Sweep

    When space is a factor, this rugged, economical crowding system fits the bill. Whether you are using it as part of a permanent or portable working corral, it provides a durable and versatile crowding system that helps reduce the labor needed for working cattle. This 90 degree sweep is reversible and can easily be expanded to grow with your herd requirements. This system is constructed with Premier Panels, our number one selling cattle panel. These...

  • Horse Equipment

  • Model HSF10, HSF12 - Premier Stall Fronts Bar/Wood

    Model HSF10, HSF12 - Premier Stall Fronts Bar/Wood

    Priefert’s Premier Stalls have been a mainstay in the equine industry for decades. Premier Stalls are safe, attractive, and affordable. This Premier Stall Front combines a vertical bar top with a wood-filled bottom (Wood Kit sold separately). These stalls are designed with the highest degree of consideration for the safety of both the horse and handler. Our Premier Stalls offer horse owners practical solutions for creating a safe, functional...

  • Model RP06, RP10, RP12 - Economy Panels

    Model RP06, RP10, RP12 - Economy Panels

    Priefert’s Economy Panels are our most economically priced panel and are proof that you don’t have to sacrifice quality or durability to save money. With loop legs, this lightweight panel is easy to move around, even for ladies and young adults. These panels feature a single piece vertical stay fitted through drilled rails to provide additional strength and structural integrity. Chain connectors allow for quick, tight connections between...