PRINOTH snow groomers and tracked utility vehicles are worldwide on the right track: with excellent working performance, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and strong design. From the very beginning, PRINOTH has been a synonym for snow groomers of only the highest quality. The product portfolio was diversified in 2009 with the acquisition of Camoplast, a Canadian tracked utility vehicle manufacturer. Since then, PRINOTH has the world`s most extensive range of snow cats as well as tracked utility vehicles. By means of a strategic alliance with a German forestry machinery manufacturer, AHWI, the PRINOTH group has extended its activities to a third sphere of activity in 2011. In addition to the snow grooming and tracked utility vehicles sector, PRINOTH is now also active in vegetation management and, besides the economically efficient working of forestry and agricultural land, is looking towards the global proliferation in biomass fuels.

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Brennerstraße 34 , Sterzing , Trentino-Alto Adige/ 39049 Italy

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Snow Groomers. The perfect slope. Innovative technology and pioneering design characterize the snow groomers, which are able to cope with world demands. To make snow grooming as efficient as possible, PRINOTH relies on resource-efficient use of the snow groomers. In conjunction with specialized training for snow groomer drivers, the ideal combination is provided to use the vehicle efficiently in order to achieve the maximum result – the perfect piste.

Tracked Utility Vehicles. Whether mud, gravel or snow. PRINOTH tracked utility vehicles are reliable tools for extreme use in extreme environments. Thanks to their huge payload, the vehicles can be equipped with specialized attachments of all kinds and are thus suitable for all construction and drilling operations, for pipeline construction, but also for erecting and maintaining power lines. In short, they offer a wide variety of applications for year-round use in harsh conditions. PRINOTH’s tracked utility vehicles exert very little pressure on the ground, which is why they can also be used in places where other wheeled vehicles would quickly get stuck. In addition, the vehicles are used to transport personnel, tools and other heavy equipment.

Vegetation Management. Mulching, harvesting, or milling. With a wide range of innovative tracked carriers and mulchers for forestry, plantation management and infrastructure, forestry and agricultural land can be processed efficiently. The partnership with AHWI adds a complete product range of mulchers and associated carriers to the PRINOTH group. Thus, the utility vehicle range can be completed and extended with carriers that are used to transport away the harvested biomass.

Competent Partner. Whether it is a snow groomer or a tracked carrier, all equipment is oriented toward practical everyday needs, and through individual configuration, the most varied of requirements from the international clientele can be fulfilled. PRINOTH views itself as a competent partner for which top service and close customer relations are the highest priority.

PRINOTH achieves its objective through:

Innovative products: PRINOTH thinks ahead and sets standards in the development of new products and optimal solutions.  With a strong focus on research and development and the courage to explore new ideas, we are already working on the technologies of tomorrow.

Customer focus: PRINOTH gears its activities towards customer value. Our proximity to the market allows us to offer integrated solutions to our customers and to increase their business success.

Quality leadership: High-quality products lead to high reliability and productivity. Our quality promise is complemented with excellent service and worldwide availability of genuine spare parts.

Efficiency: PRINOTH aims for continuous improvement of processes in all business sectors and optimizes the cost effectiveness of its added value. We pay special attention to maximum efficiency and an economical use of resources.

Strong employee orientation: Committed employees with high individual responsibility find potential for development and fulfillment at PRINOTH. Our open corporate culture leads to high transparency and a strong team spirit.

Energy efficiency, the conservation of resources, waste prevention, and environmentally-sound production processes are topics that are firmly embedded in the corporate policy of PRINOTH. The ISO 14001 certificate confirms that PRINOTH has an effective system to minimize its own environmental impacts and thereby make an important contribution to long-term environmental protection.

As a leader in technology, PRINOTH is actively responding to the challenge of making slope grooming more environmentally friendly. With the Husky E-Motion, it is already presenting solutions fit for day-to-day operations.

To achieve this goal, PRINOTH is relying on diesel-electric solutions. For example, in the case of the Husky E-Motion, which is completely suitable for everyday use, a diesel-electric solution replaces the hydrostatic drive. This allows fuel savings of up to 20 percent with a simultaneous increase in the available power and torque at the drive wheel.

With its implementation of the exhaust emissions standards according to a fixed schedule, PRINOTH continues to contribute to a sustained reduction of emissions. The company is already operating prototype vehicles to thoroughly test the new technologies for satisfying the required emissions limits.

In that regard, PRINOTH Clean Motion signifies clean, perfect slope grooming.

In order to be able to defend and strengthen its role as market leader and, with the spirit of innovation and courage, to open up new dimensions in slope technology, PRINOTH is intensely occupied with the topic of innovation.

But what changes – which trends and megatrends – characterize our present, and what conclusions may be drawn from them for the future?

To solve the puzzle of the future, PRINOTH organized an innovation workshop with the Zukunftsinstitut (the Future Institute), one of the most influential think-tanks in European trend and future research, and the team from the IAK, the Institute for Applied Creativity.

Together, trend corridors were identified and hypotheses for the future were drawn up, from which innovation ideas were derived, in order to be able to best continue to satisfy the customers of tomorrow.

The fact that in the future, the industry will be placing greater and greater value on “eco-action”, ecological action in the sense of environmental protection, is already known. But how to react? With a Zero Emissions Vehicle, such as a vehicle free of harmful exhaust?

The future is multifaceted and leaves a great deal of room for creativity. PRINOTH will follow the megatrends, and with forward-looking innovation and production management, it will fulfill the customers’ wishes of tomorrow and continue to stand by their side as a competent partner!

The Pioneer: A Go-getter with a Sense for the Here and Now

PRINOTH, a subsidiary of the LEITNER group with its headquarters in Sterzing, Italy, can look back on a long and successful history. A tradition with pioneering spirit. In 1951, the race driver and design engineer Ernst Prinoth opened the parent firm of today’s company, an automotive garage. Soon the native of Val Gardena found a way to translate his passion for powerful vehicles into something practical: snow groomers, which were ideal for the wintry conditions of his South Tyrolean home.

PRINOTH then and now

Everything began when racing driver Ernst Prinoth opened his automotive garage in Gröden in 1951. Fascinated by snow vehicles, he began developing slope vehicles and, in 1962, produced his first P 60 prototype. Two years later, the first production vehicle rolled off the assembly line. Developments continued over the years. LEITNER acquired PRINOTH at the turn of the millennium and continued the range as an independent company under the PRINOTH name. PRINOTH thereby became the world's most complete provider of snow cats. The further acquisition of the groomer range of Canadian manufacturer Camoplast (previously Bombardier) in 2005 and the acquisition of Camoplast's tracked utility vehicle range in 2009 gave PRINOTH a wider area of activity beyond snow groomers. With additional equipment of all types, thanks to their tracks, the robust vehicles are able to reach the most remote locations without sinking into mud or soft soil, unlike wheeled vehicles. Thanks to a strategic alliance with a German forestry machinery manufacturer, AHWI, PRINOTH expanded its activities to a third area of activity in 2011. In addition to snow grooming and the tracked utility vehicle range, PRINOTH is now also active in vegetation management and, in addition to the cost-effective processing of forestry and agricultural land, is also seeking solutions in the global development of biomass.

Globally competitive high-tech companies under one roof

PRINOTH belongs to the Leitner group. The latter is active worldwide on the markets for ropewayssnow groomers and tracked utility vehiclesurban transportation systems and wind energy. The snowmaking division added at the end of 2010, will provide a complete offering for one-stop shop for all winter-based technologies.

With technological expertise and a clear strategic orientation, the different companies face the challenges of the market – on the basis of the corporate values: social responsibility, ethics, quality and growth.

A successful 2012

In the financial year 2012, a consolidated turnover of € 715 million has been achieved. In all areas of business, € 26 million were invested into research and development to extend its technological advantage. The number of employees worldwide grew to a total of 3,320.

In 1994, the LEITNER Group introduced a quality management system that is in full compliance with the international standard ISO 9001 and is certified by SQS. This quality management system includes continuous monitoring of our business processes.

All internal processes are customer-oriented and targeted at an enhanced product, from the development stage to after-sales customer care. Ongoing improvements in terms of products, customer care and the working conditions of our employees, plus a strong focus on environmental awareness have always been the goals of quality management of the companies of the LEITNER group.

The Environmental Management System (EMS) and the Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS) have been integrated, turning the existing Quality Management System (QMS) into an Integrated Management System (IMS). 

The rules of conduct that are contained in the organization and management model are supplemented by those of the Code of Ethics that was also introduced by the company.

In this way, a total body of internal regulations has been created with the purpose of disseminating the culture of ethics and transparency within the company by offering the employees a kind of guideline for their everyday behavior within the company and to implement the organization and management model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree 231/01 concerning the administrative liability of companies.