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  • PRINOTH - Trooper

    PRINOTH - Trooper

    The PRINOTH TROOPER reliably and easily prepares snowmobile trails on the most uneven terrains. The TROOPER will save you time, fuel and a variety of costs. Creating the longest, wildest and most extreme cross-country networks in North America requires guts. But it also requires trust in your gear. PRINOTH's focus on safety allows operators, to rely on performance without worrying about possible technical issues. Limited ground pressure,simple...

  • PRINOTH - Model RT 400 - Heavy Accessory and Heavy Clearing Equipment

    PRINOTH - Model RT 400 - Heavy Accessory and Heavy Clearing Equipment

    As a powerful carrier for heavy accessory equipment with a power take-off shaft, the RT 400 is designed for heavy forestry operations. We sell the RT 400 with the UZM 700, the RF 1000 or H 600 as standard. The high efficiency of the mechanical drive train and the low center of gravity guarantee maximum productivity in any terrain. Our customers have trusted us for years - we have already sold over 140 machines of this type in the entire...

  • Model BR 350 - Snow Groomers

    Model BR 350 - Snow Groomers

    The BR 350 sets new standards in the preparation and maintenance of pistes: unbeatable engine power, top reliability and total user-friendliness as well as maximum driver comfort and ergonomics. The wrap-round windows in the snow groomer's cabin also provide optimal visibility. The BR 350 piste vehicle - for the most demanding snow grooming conditions!

  • Model EVEREST - Snow Groomers

    Model EVEREST - Snow Groomers

    The guarantee of a perfect piste is the perfect interaction of driver and snow groomer. The design of the workstation and the driving characteristics of the snow groomer are vitally important for this as well. The Everest can accomplish all of these with ease. The PRINOTH classic remains the leading vehicle in its class. The design of the EVEREST cabin has been carefully tailored to meet the individual requirements of the driver. Ergonomic factors...