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Pro-Tech has been serving poultry and livestock farmers for over 35 years now. Based out of the Fairintosh Center in Statesville, North Carolina, we are located in an excellent position to sell and ship poultry equipment. With our first poultry product, the Curtain-Minder, we began with a small selection. That product was revolutionary, unlike any other product out at the time, it still remains a necessity. Now we have over 120 poultry and livestock products and services. Our inventory is still continuing to grow. So far, we have everything from specialized thermostats to precise data gathering instruments to humidity controllers.

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541 Gaither Road , Statesville , North Carolina 28625 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Nationally (across the country)

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Pro-Tech, Inc. began in the summer of 1975. At that time, Jim Sutton had received notice from the US Patent Office granting him the Trademark 'CURTAIN-MINDER' for a device that he had conceived sometime earlier. The patent office also acknowledged they would grant a patent on the CURTAIN-MINDER. On October 28, 1975 the patent was issued for this device.

Jim Sutton was, at the time, Chairman of the Board and a salesman for G&M Sales of Statesville, NC. He had been associated with the poultry industry for some eleven years. Prior to Jim's decision to begin his own company, he tried to find someone to build and sell the soon-to-be patented device and pay him royalty. He was unable to locate any interested party. Therefore, October 1, 1975 Pro-Tech, Inc. was born.

The location at 1545 Shelton Avenue, Statesville, NC was acquired and together Jim and Judy Sutton launched out on a new endeavor. With Judy manufacturing the CURTAIN-MINDER and Jim selling it, Pro-Tech, Inc. was up and running.

The CURTAIN-MINDER is a device that releases curtains on the sidewalls of chicken houses, allowing natural ventilation in the event of power outages and/or an unsafe rise in temperature. It was a revolutionary idea. It remains essential to the industry today, even as poultry technology expands. The economic impact of a $250 device that protects poultry valued up to $100,000 is significant. The demand of the industry affirms this fact.

Judy made the CURTAIN-MINDER, answered the phone, and cut the invoices. Jim traveled and sold it. It was not envisioned at this time that Pro-Tech, Inc. would grow into the company that it has become, with its varied product line and employee base. In the spring of 1976, an engineer was hired. This led the company into the alarm and light dimmer business. Pro-Tech, Inc. had a niche...its concern was with the poultry 'rearing' end of the industry. Jim's aim was to build products to improve the efficiency of poultry rearing.

Several patents begin to follow, one in 1978 another in 1981. July, 1986 brought the patent of the KIN0X thermostat which spurred the development of a line of thermostats culminating in the multi-stage integrated KIN0X CRUISE that is 'state of the art' in environmental controls today. The CURTAIN-MINDER has undergone improvements continually, even as recently as this year with the implementing of the direct-connect method of installation.

It has been Jim's desire and a focus of the company to steadily improve its products. Twenty percent of gross annual sales is reinvested into research and development...a significant contribution to the betterment of existing products and the inception of new ones. Pro-Tech, Inc. is creative. It is by choice that the company is not in the 'me-too' market.

The company has grown and expanded until its present status. The product line has multiplied to encompass the following categories: CURTAIN-MINDERS, Light Controllers, Alarms, Temperature Controllers, Humidity Controls, and accessories. Among these category offerings, there are three CURTAIN-MINDER devices, three alarms, seven temperature controllers, eight light controllers, and numerous accessories including relays and temperature displays.

Today Pro-Tech, Inc. can boast of a large Distributor and Dealer Network At the present time, Pro-Tech does not have an outside salesman. Jim travels occasionally to market the company's products. In-house there are nine employees. Pro-Tech, Inc. does business across the United States, from the east to the west coast, north and south, and exports its wares to ten foreign countries. The devices manufactured and sold by the company do indeed improve the efficiency of rearing in the poultry industry both at home and abroad. We are very grateful for the many years of continued business of our loyal customers!!!