ProfitSource LLC is located in Merrill, WI. We have 3 full time programmers and a support staff. The owner of ProfitSource is Lee Mc Cauley. Lee has a dairy background as do all of our staff. This helps us write applications that are easy to understand and utilize on today`s dairy operations. We have been in the software business for over 25 years. We specialize in agricultural programs and also create custom software for other businesses. We have writtten software for feed industry consultants, feed companies and recycling companies.

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P.O. Box 563 , Merrill , Wisconsin 54452 USA

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Software vendor
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
Please, visit the following links for more info:

Home of DairyQuest, HeiferPRO, RationPRO MVP and AI Wizard.

  • We have also added the ability for you to renew your license from within DairyQuest,HeiferPRO and RationPRO. Click here to see a demo of this.
  • If you are on our support program or have purchased our product using our EZ Pay Program, you are eligible for these updates.
  • As you well know, it is difficult keeping up with technology. The demise of the hand held computers is a fine example. At one time the PALM was a leader in technology. It no longer is a player. The hand held computers have all evolved to cell phones.
  • With that change we migrated from the PALM to a Tablet PC. Where will it go next? Wherever it goes, we will be ready.
  • 64-bit computers are now common place. Our first Windows program was a 16-bit version of RationPRO. We are now moving towards 64-bit programs.
  • All of our programs can utilize RFID and collect data using a rugged tablet computer from Mobile Demand.