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  • Bourgault - Model 5810 - Air Hoe Drill

    Bourgault - Model 5810 - Air Hoe Drill

    Bourgault's long history of providing top seeding implements continues with the 5810 AHD.  By maintaining proven features from past designs and incorporating new innovations, Bourgault offers the most advanced and effective air hoe drill on the market.

  • Model BDX 180 and BDX 250 - BioDrill

    Model BDX 180 and BDX 250 - BioDrill

    BioDrill is a flexible mechanical seeder with electrical drive for small seeds. Drilling is carried out at the same time as cultivation/drilling with the host machine. BioDrill BDX 180 and BDX 250 have a studded roller gravity metering system. BioDrill BDX 180/250 is available for Carrier 300-400, Cultus 300-400 and TopDown 300. A mechanical version, Grassbox, is available for Rapid 300-400C/S.

  • Model 7800 - Air Seeders

    Model 7800 - Air Seeders

    Delivering Huge Capacity with Minimal Compaction. The capacity of the Leading 7800 is most impressive; with four main tanks totaling 800 bushels in capacity yet minimizing compaction.

  • Model 7550 - Air Seeders

    Model 7550 - Air Seeders

    Size & Flexibility for Your Operation. The Model 7550 Air Seeder provides the important features of the 7000 line of seeders in a popular tank size.

  • Model 7700 - Air Seeder

    Model 7700 - Air Seeder

    Huge capacity, increased flexibility and convenience. The 7700 incorporates design features that maintain Bourgault's position at the top of air seeder technology.