Redono Oy

Redono Oy

Redono Oy is giving back to nature by recycling and treating industrial wastewaters in the REDONO process. Together with cultivation of BioAlgaes and BioPlants in the REDONO wastewater recycling process, we can produce new products to give back to the cycle of life. Redono Oy is a biotechnolological company, that has created products for agricultural use and for a circular process for the industrial use that can purify waters, utilize CO₂-emissions, produce liquid fertilizers from the industrial sidestreams and recycle the containing nutrients for an effective microalgae and plant cultivation.

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Arvolantie 122 , Lohja , 08680 Finland
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Water Treatment
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Internationally (various countries)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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The company was founded year 2017.Redono, which also means “giving back” in Latin, is achieving to purify our environment and feeding the world.

We are happy to investigate our customer’s existing water treatment system in their industrial production plant, to find new sustainable solutions.  Our goal is to help the customer to get the best solution for saving their operational expenses while creating a more sustainable production, with a more positive environmental impact.

REDONO Nutrient Recycling Process

The industrial sidestreams, that contains valuable nutritions are first pretreated at our BioFeed-unit, where we can produce liquid fertilizers (BioFeed), for microalgae cultivation and hydroponic plant cultivation.

In our BioAlgae-unit we can grow microalgaes utilizing the BioFeed-fertilizers and industrial CO₂-emissions. The industrial waters are eventually purified in the BioAlgae-unit with help of the microalgae cultivation process and final water purification system. Waters that have been purified by the REDONO-process can be used i.e. as the customer’s industrial process water.

The cultivated microalgae are considered as the ultimate SuperFood, that contains high nutritional values for our animals and  people. Our goal is to use the cultivated microalgae as animal feeds and as SuperFoods.

The produced BioFeed-fertilizers can also be recycled in our BioHydro-unit, where we can cultivate hops for breweries or other nutritional and medicinal plants, such as Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (Jiaogulan-tee) and Ashwagandha (Indian Ginseng).

Please contact for any additional information and ask us for the REDONO-process to recycle your wastewater streams and CO₂-emissions while creating new valuable products.