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The core competences of the Reichhardt company are in development and implementation of customized electronic solutions for leading manufacturers for selfpropelled vehicles in agriculture and construction. Development of software, the services include: Development and production of hardware. Additonally Reichhardt is a manufachturer for automatic steering systems, which provides a variety of unique selling features.

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Steuerungstechnik, Hofgut Ringelshausen , Hungen , 35410 Germany

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Software vendor
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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Internationally (various countries)
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Precision & Flexibility for Guiding Your Equipment

Pilot System Reichhardt (PSR) is an automatic steering system for tractors and self propelled machines used in general farming, produce production, or vineyards. The system is easily integrated into your operation and may be compatible with components you already own.

Precision & Flexibility

With PSR, the choice of precision components is yours.  You can mix and match brands to fit your operation's needs.  The flexibility can allow you to save money by using components already owned.

Proven Reliability

Reichhardt's experience in demanding conditions requires quality.  This quality is tested extensively before products are ever released.  Dealers state that reliability and repeatability of Reichhardt products is second to none.

Customer Support

Reichhardt engineers and support staff spend time in the field so the customer's ideas become reality and customer input creates a better product.  Extensive dealer training and access to Reichhardt resources allow for maximum up time.

Established in 2006, Reichhardt Electronic Innovations Inc was formed to introduce an automated steering product for self propelled farm equipment that is accurate, repeatable, versatile, easy to retrofit into existing farm equipment.

Reichhardt provides a system that simplifies the automated steering process but provides flexibility in its use. Unlike GPS-only systems offered in the market, the Ultra Guidance PSR does not require the added work of data management and gives you accurate repeatability every time you go into the field.

The office and testing facility is located in Sabin, Minnesota. Reichhardt Electronic Innovations serves agricultural areas of the United States and Canada.

The Reichhardt Ultra Guidance PSR agricultural auto steer system is the auto steering system for every farming operation.  Reichhardt wants you to have a GPS system, with or without GPS subscription, which simplifies the agricultural auto steer process but provides flexibility in its use and gives you accurate auto steering repeatability every time you go into the field.

Reichhardt meets OEM challenges with unique solutions.   Engineering and in the field experience create real world success.

Automatic Steering Systems Keep You on Track

Automatic steering systems are becoming increasingly important to machine manufacturers. For integrated tailor-made solutions we are the OEM's first choice. The advantage in working with Reichhardt lies in the fact that with our knowledge, comprehensive solutions are created. Our specialists adapt a system for the desired application by using hydraulics, electronics and software. Manufacturers and users benefit from the unique collaboration of our team's experience.