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  • Model PSR - Lenksysteme Guidance Systems

  • Model (PSR SKY) - GPS Guidance - Autoguidance with GPS

    Model (PSR SKY) - GPS Guidance - Autoguidance with GPS

    Reichhardt GPS Guidance makes it possible to steer a vehicle with accuracy by the aid of GPS navigating signals. You chose the accuracy you need for your application for your farm.  Reichhardt GPS Guidance is capable of reading GPS Serial (NMEA-0183) or CAN (NMEA-2000) message formats, which are used by the majority of receivers on the market.  This allows the use of many different brands of receivers with no compromise to the correction...

  • Reichhardt Minibatt - Sample Harvester

    Reichhardt Minibatt - Sample Harvester

    The Minibatt is a mini-harvester that will save you time and money. For harvesting small grains like wheat, barley, oats, rye, milo, canola, and medicinal plants or spices.