Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. of Deshler, Nebraska designs and builds mechanized agricultural irrigation equipment (center pivots and lateral move systems) to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers in the U.S. and abroad. Not only have Reinke products proven to stand the test of time through quality materials and superior workmanship, but state-of-the-art engineering and futuristic research and development in all areas of manufacturing continue to make Reinke products such as the Ontracâ„¢ By Reinke satellite monitoring controls and the Navigator series of GPS Controls among most technologically sophisticated enhancements available in the irrigation industry. These advancements along with a network of highly qualified Dealer Professionals provide our customers with products, service, capabilities and efficiencies above and beyond their expectations.

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1040 Road 5300 , Deshler , Nebraska 68340 USA

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Globally (various continents)
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In this day and age, you don't often find a worldwide industry leader operating in the same place as when it was founded. But that's the way it is with Reinke. We're still in Deshler, Nebraska, the original location established by founder Richard Reinke in 1954. We choose to remain in Deshler – America's heartland – close to our roots and our customers because that's who we are. We live and work among the growers of this country and our dealers live and work among the growers of countries all over the world. We're a global leader in irrigation products, but we're a hometown business at heart.

Why Reinke?

Other manufacturers don’t put as much stock in the details as we do. Features such as long sweep bottom elbows, internal flex joints and high-strength steel give Reinke Systems endurance and performance power.

We are internationally known as a premier manufacturer and provider of the finest steel, stainless steel and aluminum irrigation systems and components. We offer more choices. Superior quality. Comprehensive service after the sale. That’s our tradition and that’s why we’re an industry leader.

Richard Reinke formed Reinke Manufacturing Company, Inc. in 1954 on the family farm in Deshler, Nebraska. In 1968 he introduced the world's first reversible, electric gear driven center pivot system and as a result put Reinke on the map.

Today, we're one of the oldest and largest irrigation system manufactures in the world. Our headquarters and plant take up more than 80 acres with 10 acres of manufacturing floor space under roof.  Our product line includes center pivots, lateral move systems, towables, specialty systems, control systems and water application components.

We have removed the traditional barriers among engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and customer service. By working as a cohesive team – undivided by artificial barriers – we are carrying on the original Reinke spirit of entrepreneurialism, customer-orientation, innovation and dedication to quality.

Since 1968, the first Electrogator ever built continues to grow a crop every year near Deshler, Nebraska - serving as a testament to the durability of Richard Reinke's design.