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  • Westfield - Model MKX160 - Auger

    Westfield - Model MKX160 - Auger

    In order to design the best auger Westfeild ever built, they utilised their world-class manufacturing facility and highly skilled research and development team. Westfield designed every detail of this auger for today’s demanding large farm and commercial operators. From the engineered top truss, for added strength and stability, to a long list of standard features, the MKX 160 is built to last. The low profile hopper is only 11 and ¾...

  • Free Stall Cow Barns

    Free Stall Cow Barns

    During the last couple of years many studies have been made in order to define the optimal resting place for cows in a barn. In these reports, researchers have focussed on the form and dimensions of the stalls. The required type of flooring in the cubicle has also been thoroughly discussed and investigated.   The dairy industry has well understood the importance of cow welfare in the barn. Cows stay inside more and the production level increases every...