Renaissance Nutrition, Inc.

Renaissance Nutrition is a full-service vitamin and mineral premix company, offering professional nutritional consultation and ration balancing, superior products, and farm management insights. The company prides itself in having the most highly-trained team of nutritionists in the dairy and livestock industry. Our nutrition and farm management focus is primarily within the dairy industry. However, we are actively involved in the feeding and management of most livestock species: beef, swine, sheep, goat, equine and poultry. Renaissance also offers quality, research-tested seed products, inoculants and preservatives, as well as specialty products for calf/heifer care and development, dry/transition and lactating cow premixes and supplements, and hoof care/foot-bath products. Renaissance is a trademark for results.

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339 Frederick Road , Roaring Spring , Pennsylvania 16673 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Internationally (various countries)

Renaissance Nutrition is a full-service vitamin and mineral premix and base mix company, offering quality products, professional nutrition and farm management consulting to dairy and livestock producers in an ever-growing national market area.

We serve producers in the USA, and are rapidly developing into the northwestern and southwestern states, as well as Canadian markets. Formed in 1985 by Craig Brown, Renaissance has grown dramatically to be one of the largest nutrition and farm consulting companies in the United States, offering a complete and comprehensive line of nutritionally-related products to balance any ration, standard and custom mineral/vitamin premixes and base mixes, as well as seed products to optimize homegrown forage programs. We sell only what a producer requires to balance their ration and meet their forage-related needs, while improving productivity and profitability!

Success has been achieved by providing the highest quality products and services available in the industry, and at very competitive prices. Renaissance prides itself in having the most highly trained nutritional consultants in the industry with a commitment to ongoing training as an important part of our growth and development. The nutrition and farm management focus of our company, primarily within the dairy industry, has become a Renaissance trademark. Additionally, our consultants are continually recognized for their expertise in all livestock species, including dairy, beef, swine and poultry.

Our desire is to work hand-in-hand with producers... a part of their team. We want to help them maximize production and improve bottom-line profitability.  Since animal nutrition is a constantly changing science, with new and ever-changing technology and methods that can only be mastered by dedication, along with an understanding and appreciation for the “art of nutrition” - we pledge to each customer that we'll continue to learn, grow and provide the most current information available in the industry.

At Renaissance, we are committed to giving the best… and being the best in nutritional service, quality products and farm management information to the growing number of dairy and livestock producers we are privileged to work with.

The goal of Renaissance Nutrition, Inc. is to provide quality products and services for agricultural producers in a Christian environment, while earning a profit. For this to be possible, it takes a team effort involving company management, sales representatives, office, production and trucking personnel.