ReproScan is a veterinary ultrasound company specializing in cattle ultrasound equipment. Our goal is to help you improve cattle reproduction with our portable, durable, functional, and affordable ReproScan equipment.

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9450 SW Gemini Dr. ECM#43795 , Beaverton , Oregon 97008 USA

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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ReproScan is a veterinarian owned company that provides a wide range of veterinary ultrasound equipment for the bovine, equine and small animal practitioner. We sell and service our equipment across USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Our primary focus has been on providing scanning solutions for bovine practitioners by providing products that are Portable, Durable, Functional, and Affordable. ReproScan has successfully introduced 6 portable ultrasound units to the marketplace. We look forward to working with your veterinary practice or livestock production system in the years ahead as you incorporate ReproScan technology into your operation.

On July 18th, 2005 the USDA opened the border to live Canadian cattle imports of cattle less than 30 months of age. Legislation required all cattle to be mouthed for age verification and as well as all heifers to be preg checked by a veterinarian and only open heifers eligible for export. At that time Dr. Andrew Bronson and Dr. Bruce Hill along with another veterinarian established Livestock Export Services to facilitate the export certification of cattle intended for shipment into the USA. Situated in the heart of 'feedlot alley' in Southern Alberta, Livestock Export Services became the largest veterinary certified exporter of cattle in Western Canada, certifying over 150,000 head per year. Within two weeks of the border opening it was evident that palpating fat feedlot heifers through the side of the chute was not a sustainable venture considering the numbers of heifers being exported. Very quickly the vets of Livestock Export Services started experimenting with various ultrasound equipment on extension arms. Some existing extension arm equipment was great for finding well established pregnancies but could not give an accurate open or short bred diagnosis. Since 95% or more of the heifers on average were open, it became apparent that too many animals had to be manually preg checked anyway. Other traditional linear rectal probe equipment on extension arms enabled one to find the open uterus, but the small scanning area made it slower to find the opens as well as slower to find some shorter pregnancies. Not ones to give up, Bronson and Hill experimented with convex ultrasound probes. The pie shaped scan provided a wider scanning area and had sufficient resolution to see all opens and identify short breds. The dilemma was the convex probe was not manufactured for rectal use and would not work on an extension arm. This lead to the development of the original ReproScan 200. The probe is a 4.0 MHz convex rectal probe and the ReproArm was especially engineered to hold this probe to enable fast and accurate pregnancy diagnosis. A few million head later the ReproScan equipment has evolved into the new XTC and XTL models, a portable, durable, functional , and affordable ultrasound used by many veterinarians and large cattle operators from the frozen Quebec North in Canada, across the Texas Panhandle to as far down under as the Australian Outback and the modern dairy sheds of New Zealand.

To provide veterinarians and large beef and dairy operations with an easy to use and affordable tool to aid in improving the reproductive efficiency of their client operations, and improve the safety and sustainability of veterinarians and technicians using our scanning equipment.