Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd

We are based in the village of Compton, Berkshire England. The business was established by Alan Wallis MRCVS in Lancashire. On Alan’s retirement in 1999 we relocated onto the site of the Institute for Animal Health at Compton and Ridgeway Biological’s current Managing Director, Tim Wallis took the reigns. Alan has been producing emergency vaccines for over 30 years and now acts as a veterinary consultant. From 1999-2008 the company was based at the Institute for Animal Health, (now re-named The Pirbright Institute). In 2008 we move into a new purpose built facility on the outskirts of the village. By working with the appropriate regulatory authorities in conjunction with local veterinary surgeons we are able to supply autogenous vaccines throughout europe.

Company details

Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd Units 1-3 Old Station , Business Park , Compton Berks RG20 6NE United Kingdom

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Livestock
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)

Mission Statement:

To provide cost-effective, high quality, bespoke veterinary vaccines on time, every time.


To be the manufacturer of choice for the provision of innovative bespoke vaccines thus reducing the dependence on antibiotics and improving animal health.

Our Core Values:

Customers are key

We are committed to providing a reliable responsive and cost effective service to all of our clients.

People make the Company

We are committed to providing a dynamic environment where people can thrive and success is shared.

Continuous improvement

We are committed to improve our business to support the delivery of high quality, innovative products and services.

Uncompromising Integrity to deliver our vision of sustainable success.


Working in modern environmentally controlled facilities, our team of skilled and experienced Production technicians employ a variety of techniques to manufacture high quality vaccines, tailored specifically to meet individual customer requirements.

With the equipment, techniques and skills available to us, we are able to produce a wide range of autogenous vaccines within relatively short lead times, in order to meet the customer’s needs. The quality of our products are maintained through a combination of strict adherence to fully validated methods and procedures and rigorous quality testing.

We are constantly seeking out more efficient methods of manufacture in order to bring down lead times and costs to our customers.

Microbiology QC Laboratory

Staffed by fully trained and multi skilled Mictobiology Technicians, the Laboratory at Ridgeway performs several distinct functions:

Diagnostics, Receipt and storage of isolates.

Customers are welcome to submit  post mortem samples for detection, isolation and identification of isolates, alternatively clients may submit clinical isolates. Isolates will be checked and stored at – 80°C  for use in future vaccines. 

Production Initiation.

Utilising isolates from our customers sites, the Laboratory progresses the frozen isolate  to a suitable growth stage, before handing to the Production Department for Vaccine manufacture.

QC testing and product release.

At all stages of the production process, the Lab performs QC testing to ensure the quality of the finished product. Tests are carried out to defined procedures and against set specifications, including Pharmacopeial tests where applicable.


To enhance the Companys ethos of continuous improvement development work is undertaken to assure customers of High Quality processes and products.

The premises and production systems of Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd are licensed by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate for the manufacture of Autogenous veterinary vaccines.

We operate a formalised quality management system based on the requirements of Eudralex Vol 4 Good Manufacturing Practice Guidelines. The objective of the quality management system is to ensure that our vaccines are fit for intended use.  They must comply with our manufacturing licence, must not place animals at risk due to inadequate safety or quality.  Our aim is to maintain customer confidence and satisfaction by good manufacturing practices with high standards of support.

Manufacturing and testing is carried out to defined procedures and against set specifications. All procedures, protocols, test methods and specifications are reviewed and approved by the independent Quality unit. All batch records are reviewed and approved by the Quality unit before release of vaccine product. A program of self-inspections is in place with a view to continuous improvement of the quality management system and we are regularly inspected by the VMD for compliance with veterinary medicine legislation.

Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd recognises that delivery of quality products and services is essential to success of the Company and is the responsibility of every employee.

We are committed to understanding the requirements of our customers, both within and outside our Company, and providing products and services that meet our quality standards and the performance and safety standards our customers expect.

In order to satisfy the above requirements, we will develop, implement, enforce and provide resources to establish and maintain an effective management system that will include:

  • Compliance with contract requirements and product technical specification
  • Timely delivery of products, which are of consistent quality, safety and reliability, which are fit for their intended use.
  • Minimal waste and re-work.
  • The identification of quality problems, associated corrective/preventive actions and a commitment to continual improvement.
  • Customer satisfaction and enhancement of the Company’s reputation.
  • Compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
  • Compliance with applicable international standards.

Our autogenous vaccines have to be manufactured according to our manufacturing  licence for which standard information is required:

Orders must be confirmed in writing, including the number of doses, and the date required. You are required to supply the name, address and postcode of all farms involved; this may include the rearing site. The VMD require to be satisfied that the isolate(s) to be included in the vaccine are epidemiologically linked to the site(s) where the vaccine is to be used.  You will need to supply as much information as possible about from where and how the strain(s) was isolated, the symptoms of disease, the morbidity or mortality rate etc. If Ridgeway Biologicals Ltd did not isolate the strain, you will need to confirm that the method of isolation complies with our TSE risk assessment.

The VMD require that the use of an autogenous vaccine is fully justified, particularly if there are other commercially available vaccines or treatments. If a fully-licensed vaccine is available, you may be required  to explain why this is not being considered.

Before we can release an autogenous vaccine, and in addition to our laboratory quality control tests, it is required that the vaccine be tested for safety in the target species on site (termed the On Farm Safety Test). You must ensure that the farmer is aware of this requirement and indicate if the vaccine sample for this test is to be sent to your practice or the farm.  It is important to take this into consideration when ordering the vaccine.

From receipt of isolate(s) we can produce site specific vaccines typically within 8-10 weeks. All our vaccines are manufactured under the control of our QA systems which are overseen by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate and formulated specifically for the requirements of each client.

For every batch of vaccine that we manufacture we will supply a copy of the batch release document,  issued by the VMD, together with the relevant product data sheet and safety literature for the records of the prescribing veterinary surgeon.