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  • Aerial Sprinkling

  • Sprinkler Irrigation System

    Sprinkler Irrigation System

    The sprinkler irrigation system is one that tries to imitate the rain. Ie, water for irrigation is sent to the plant by pipeline and by sprayers, sprinklers and called thanks to a certain pressure, the water rises then falls to spray or as droplets on the surface to be irrigated.

  • Inground Sprinkling

  • Burying Machine of Sprinklers

    Burying Machine of Sprinklers

    It is an automatic system to bury pipes and sprinklers carrier between 0.50 and 1.00 meter deep. The machine is guided by GPS.

  • Pivot

  • Pivot Irrigation Systems

    Pivot Irrigation Systems

    Pivot irrigation systems are units equipped with wings of rain. Each system is individually designed depending of land to be irrigated. The pressure required for the functioning of the pumping unit is provided, usually equipped with filtration.