Rotem Control and Management is a farm supply company that designs and manufactures Control and Management Solutions for the Poultry, Swine and Aquaculture Industries. In today’s demanding agricultural market, efficiency is the indisputable key to success. To be productive and profitable, modern-day growers must maximize their performance and minimize operation costs – mainly by optimizing the crucial factors of feed conversion and energy consumption. Rotem’s Control & Management Systems are designed to do just that, and in the friendliest way imaginable. Rotem products are installed all over the world.

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18 Hasivim Street , Petach-Tikva , 4959376 Israel

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Agriculture - Livestock
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Globally (various continents)

One Step Ahead of the Market

At Rotem we believe in market responsiveness and R&D that give our customers a real and ongoing competitive edge. Constantly asking what growers may need tomorrow to improve their performance, we make sure our clients have it first! – and that is probably why there is always such a large percentage of Rotem customers at the top of the lists in the market index.

True to a corporate tradition of innovation, we collaborate closely with research and academic institutions, keeping abreast of the latest technologies and implementing research findings in our products. Consequently, several Rotem products have won international competitions in the categories of innovation and functionality.

Ultimate Convenience

Rotem specializes in designing sophisticated, complex systems that are easy to operate:

  • Our software interface features user-friendly, Windows-based GUIs. Our ergonomic hardware includes large, easy-to-read LCD and convenient keyboards.
  • Users can monitor and control our systems and devices both locally and remotely through a variety of communication vehicles including PCs, telephones, cell phones, radio transmission, SMS and the Internet.
  • The systems’ self-programming features ensure versatility, allowing users to continuously tailor operations to specific, changing needs.
  • Designed with a modular structure, our products are especially easy to repair.

Environmental Protection

At Rotem we believe that profitable agricultural control and management must also benefit the environment. Thus, by reducing the amounts of gas and electricity required for heating, lighting and ventilation, our systems significantly diminish air pollution. Our irrigation control systems, designed to recycle water containing fertilizers, prevent the contamination of soil and ground water and reduce your carbon footprint.

Please note that our irrigation control systems are marketed under OEM labels. Please contact us for more information on these products.