Rufepa Tecnoagro, S.L.

Rufepa Tecnoagro, S.L.

Rufepa Tecnoagro S.L. is a Spanish manufacturer and assembler of Greenhouse Turnkey projects all over the world for 25 years. From our first beginnings we have been always aware of the fast evolution of many countries and the quickness of the changes produced in the population consumption habits. More and more, the food needs to be produced in higher quantity due to the high pressure of the demographic growth all over the world, most of nations program their foods consume according to the following criteria: Food security, quality, production 365 days per year., low demand of energy and labour., environmentally friendly production., production cost unit should be low and distance to the consumer needs to be short.

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Path of Almazara, s/n Post office box nº 7 , Pilar de la Horada (Alicante) , 03190 Spain

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

Based on these principles, our continuous evolution and sharing information with other companies linked to the agriculture technology, Universities and Institutes of Technology we can approach to our customers with a full package of solutions for his Agricultural Project. Evaluating which is the best option to produce depending on the climate, the crop and the available budget. That way, and joint to our factory, make us to be able to manufacture and assemble different models of greenhouses, either plastic, glass or nethouses.

Following our principle to give the most professional service to our customer, we made our best to set up our branches and new distribution points, in order to allow our customers to be close from RUFEPA’s personal at any time, and make them beneficiate from the best service, given by a fully equipped team. Under these principles, RUFEPA established RIMEX INVERNADEROS SA DE CV, in the Mexican state of Querétaro. All these accomplishments would never be possible if we didn’t have in RUFEPA a professional and an enthusiastic environment to make a good job. In fact, we know that the main achievements of the companies are propitiated by the addition of small achievements and big effort realized day by day, by each collaborator and each employee. By another way, it would never be possible to build a big company. For all these reasons, and if we have to summarize in few words what is our main goal, we would say: “Our aim is to see our customers growing each day and see them doing it always with us”

Our 25 years experience manufacturing and assembling greenhouses and other structures are a exclusive matter of time, but this long period has made the staff of Rufepa to be witness of the great evolution lived by the greenhouse industry, starting from very basic structures to the highest levels of innovation and R & D. New designs have been introduced, new greenhouses for crop that previously were produced exclusively open field, new materials and new concepts or philosophy of how to manage an intensive – industrial greenhouse. Basement that sustains this whole idea it is the greenhouse, the first decision made to decide the sizes, model and materials used in the greenhouse will create important consequences for the management of the greenhouse and its equipment’s. This consequence will not be only financial; also will be for management and production costs.

At the same time we have included innovation in the crop management, getting as a result an increase of productions and lower consume of energy and water. The technical and logistics difficulty of this project due to the high performance from the technical point of view, the logistics distances and the need of skilled assembly staff have made us one of the few companies in the world capable to work out with Greenhouse Turnkey Projects. This project starts advising to the customer what he should require taking in consideration the weather conditions, the kind of plants customer will produce and purpose of the greenhouse.

In Rufepa, we can make the most sophisticated and advanced Greenhouse in glass, VENLO type, fulfilling the highest standards of quality, technology and adaptability. Sizing and designing of these projects is calculated and customized with the Structure Calculation Program “CASTA”. At the same time we need to mention that our designs for Plastic Greenhouse are already tested in most of the different climates in the planet, being a challenge to make them work in such different conditions, many projects in more than 20 countries are our best showroom.

To prove our tested Quality Norm, we follow the European Quality Norms, EURONED: EN 13031-01 A15. In addition we have the Quality ISO 9001. Finally, in Russia we obtained the Standardization Norm Permission GOST.