Save Foods Inc.

Save Foods Inc.

Save Foods Inc.

Save Foods focused on delivering innovative solutions for the food industry aimed at improving food safety and prolonging shelf life of fresh produce. Our products based on c are consumer and eco-friendly, and rapidly decompose to water and oxygen leaving no residues of toxicological concern on the produce. It also reduces the need for additional post-harvest applications.

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Kibutz Alonim, POBox 117 , Hutzot Alonim , 30049 Israel
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Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)
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STHP based products are used in the following areas:

STHP based products are used in the following areas:

  • Suppressing the sprouting activity in stored vegetables
  • Controlling storage related diseases caused by fungi, yeasts, molds, viruses and bacteria
  • Improving the quality and extending the shelf-life of fruits and vegetables
  • Disinfecting seed potatoes for the next season planting

Pimi Agro has partnered with Earthbound LLC to bring their cutting edge technologies to the USA market. Together they are committed to working with retailers and manufacturers to deliver a higher standard of pre and post harvest treatments to fruits and vegetables in the USA market.

Earthbound LLC provides successful, integrated brand development, growth and expansion programs for their clients by combining the energy and experience of over 30 years in merchandising, sales and licensing with a fresh approach to product differentiation and brand building.

As a company, Earthbound LLC strives to identify and cultivate brands and technologies that will inspire consumers.