SeedMaster is an independent, family-owned and operated manufacturer focused exclusively on perfecting the science of direct seeding. Through our evolution of patented advancements in single-pass farming, we are constantly developing new technologies that raise the bar on efficiency, and deliver ultimate precision in the field. That`s what makes SeedMaster the drill of choice among so many top growers, and it’s what makes us The Leader.

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#1 South Plains Road West , Emerald Park , Saskatchewan S4L 1C6 Canada

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Nationally (across the country)

Our Philosophy

At SeedMaster our focus is simple. Unbeatable precision and rugged reliability from tank to shank.

We’re farmers, too. We know you need to seed thousands of acres year after year with perfect product placement and no downtime. And we know that farming is all about finding new efficiencies to drive yields and profitability higher than ever.

That's why we build the lowest-maintenance seeding systems on the market - with terrain-following openers that place seed and fertilizer with pinpoint accuracy.

It’s the reason we’ve developed the most advanced tanks and metering systems available - allowing you to space canola with near-singulation accuracy down the row, and apply high rates of fertilizer on large drills with ease.

And it’s why we offer the largest air drills in North America - up to 100-feet wide - so you can seed more acres per day and get crops in the ground quickly.

Choose from a variety of on-board or tow-behind tank systems, drill widths, and row spacing options. No matter what your seeding requirements are, SeedMaster has the ultimate seeding solution for your farm.

Total Seeding Precision

Twenty years ago, SeedMaster president and founder, Norbert Beaujot, P.Eng. - a farmer himself - created a simple but powerful concept when he pioneered the first active-hydraulic, ground-following, individual row opener.

Today, other manufacturers imitate our opener design, but none achieve the same depth control or seed and fertilizer separation. On rolling hills, uneven fields, or maneuvering around sloughs, the result is always the same with SeedMaster openers - no-compromise product placement for a high-yielding crop.

Quality Manufacturing

As our manufacturing facility expands to keep up with growing demand, we also expand our quality control program to ensure our products continue to meet the highest standards. Our state-of-the-art production plant near regina, Saskatchewan, is ISO 9001:2008 certified, adheres to Lean Manufacturing principles, and features:

Highly-trained and experienced welders - In-position, jig welding in a controlled, clean-air facility.

Advanced laser cutting technology - Two laser stations streamline production and accelerate R&D because steel components are cut in-house, as needed, to exact specifications.

An industry-leading blasting chamber - Flawlessly cleans steel components for powder coating.

A cutting-edge powder coating paint process - Instead of wet paint that chips and peels, a powder coat is baked on  - for an extremely durable finish that protects the resale value of your equipment.

Massive production capacity - Our new assembly facility accommodates two 100’ seeding systems being assembled simultaneously.