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  • Openers


    A simple but powerful concept that changed how farmers put their seed in the ground. Fast, uniform germination and emergence puts more money in your pocket. This is the opener that started a revolution in seeding technology over 20 years ago. Norbert Beaujot: SeedMaster founder, president, professional engineer and farmer, developed this simple but powerful concept—the first active-hydraulic, ground-following individual row opener. Today, while...

  • Model TXB - Toolbars

    Model TXB - Toolbars

    The rugged construction and simple, innovative design of SeedMaster toolbars (TXB) delivers bulletproof performance in the field. From our massive 80-, 90-, and 100-foot drills—the largest in North America—to our narrow-folding Compact-in-Transport (CT) models, growers know they can trust SeedMaster to get the job done right, every time.

  • Nova Ready - Model SXX 345 - Toolbars

    Nova Ready - Model SXX 345 - Toolbars

    The Nova Ready SXX 345 toolbar is perfect for farmers who want the precise, gentle product handling of a 340-bu UltraPr on-frame tank, with their sights set on replacing their air cart with a SeedMaster Nova.

  • Model SXG - Toolbars

    Model SXG - Toolbars

    The SeedMaster SXG (Seed X Granular) toolbar and on-frame tank systems provide flexibility to match your seed and fertilizer requirements with SeedMaster’s legendary toolbar and opener system. From SeedMaster’s 20-bushel UltraPro tank—ideal for accurate metering of canola and other small seeds and granular inoculants—to the massive dual 300-bushel seed and fertilizer tanks, there is an on-frame tank combination for almost every...

  • Model SXX - Toolbars

    Model SXX - Toolbars

    For farmers looking to increase their air cart fertilizer capacity, SeedMaster’s SXX (seed only) UltraPro on-frame tanks free up air cart tanks for fertilizer by putting a large capacity seed tank on the toolbar. With all the features of SeedMaster TXB toolbars and precision openers, the SXX series provides an efficient and economical seeding toolbar with UltraPro seeding accuracy. The SXX 193 has large seed capacity of 190 bu on...

  • Model SXL - Liquid Toolbars

    Model SXL - Liquid Toolbars

    SeedMaster SXL (Seed x Liquid) toolbars with on-frame tanks provide an ideal option for farmers who use liquid starter fertilizer or liquid blends for crop nutrition. Combined with large UltraPro on-frame seed tanks, SXL toolbar and tank combinations allow farmers to match their seeding efficiency with liquid capabilities. All SXL toolbar standard features make the SXL a perfect drill for precision seeding. The SXL 1333 features a 140-bushel UltraPro...

  • Model XXL - Liquid Only Toolbar

    Model XXL - Liquid Only Toolbar

    The SeedMaster XXL (Liquid only) toolbar is made for farmers with an existing air cart, but who want to profit from SeedMaster’s industry-leading precision opener system. The XXL toolbar allows farmers to combine on-board liquid fertilizer with an air cart’s granular fertilizer and seed tanks for increased double or triple shoot capacity in a one-pass seeding system.

  • Nova - Air Carts

    Nova - Air Carts

    The Nova air cart is the perfect match for SeedMaster’s large air drills—the widest toolbars on the continent. With superior distribution and metering, the Nova delivers remarkable distribution accuracy and improved seeding efficiency. Nova’s enormous distribution capacity lets you seed more acres per fill and handle up to four products at once, making it ideal for varying fertilizer rates and blending on the go.

  • Overlap Control System

    Overlap Control System

    Overlap Control prevents double application of seed and fertilizer in irregular fields and at headlands. As farm sizes continue to grow and air drills become wider, overlap becomes a bigger issue with increased waste of seed and fertilizer inputs. Overlap Control is standard on all SeedMaster tanks—granular and liquid/NH3—and generates considerable cost savings of five to 15 percent on many farms. Save $35,350 on 5,000 acres of...