SemiosBio Technologies Inc.

The Semios platform allows pest management on your ranch in real-time. SemiosNET is a pest management system for farming that is devoid of neurotoxins. Camera-equipped traps that monitor pest activity are placed throughout a field or orchard, approximately one for every hectare. A central hub then delivers this information, as well as weather data, to SemiosNET software that both records the data and manages the devices. Growers and their consultants then monitor their crops in real time and isolate insect pressure on a precise area, then use remotely controlled dispensers (approximately two per hectare) to spray pheromones; these manipulate the insects’ communication pathways, confusing them so that males can’t find females and the bugs can’t reproduce. In addition to being non-toxic, the pheromone treatments actually cost less than traditional pesticides. Semios is based in Vancouver, BC Canada and currently offers service coverage throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.

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101-887 Great Northern Way , Vancouver , British Columbia V5T 4T5 Canada

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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)

Our Mission

Semios is an emerging leader in the development of M2M technology for agriculture. Our technology enables growers of high-value crops to monitor for insect pests, plant diseases and micro-climates and determine where and when to best take action to protect and increase crop value. We are at the forefront of a new wave of agricultural technology innovation involving precision agriculture, biological pest control and data management. The company headquarters are in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The company was founded by Dr. Michael Gilbert in Vancouver, Canada.


Manage and Protect your Orchard
The Semios platform allows you to view and control your ranch in real-time.


A Dedicated Network of Sensors
Connect frost, leaf-wetness, soil moisture and pest pressure sensors customized to your orchard.


Single-site Driven Models
Use in-field data to drive acre specific models for fire blight, cherry mildew or even codling moth.


View your Ranch from 1000ft
Using Semios’ portal, see events as they unfold; or, go back in time to understand what happened.