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Senect GmbH & Co. KG

SENECT developed the technology which allows the control of all processes in fish farms! The modular control system consists of sensors, which measure water quality and quantity parameters, control units, which process the sensor information and act accordingly and acutators, like valves, filters or feeder which execute these actions finally. Standing above all, the user has access to all the measurement values, current states and controls all processes in real-time on his smartphone, tablet or PC. SENECT offers beside the sensors and controllers also perfectly fitting components (actuators) like solenoid valves, automatic fish feeders or drum filters. But the SENECT control units offer you also the freedom to connect actuators from third party suppliers.

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Due to its flexible modular architecture you can select your own individual set of sensors, controllers and actuators and bring all toghether in one software app. The plug-and-play connectors allow the straightforward installation and makes it therefore easy for you. The decentralized modular architecture brings substantial advantages:

  • Extension or reconfiguration of the system always possible
  • Efficient task execution: for every task the perfect fitting control unit and powerful algorithms
  • The tasks were executed directly at its location - data is transferred wireless and therefore less cables are needed
  • Enhanced security due to seperated functional units (in contrast to monolithic centralized systems where one error can cause the shut down of the entire system)
  • Additional cost-savings possible due to easy and fast installation - also for non-electricians

What is possible with the SENECT control system? - Nearly everything!

With the SENECT control units and the corresponding components like valves, pumps, filters or feeders you can enhance your exisiting aquaculture system or equip an entire new one to benefit from the advantages and strength of the SENECT control system.

The typical control tasks, what is needed in fish farms, are often the same. That´s why we developed intelligent and powerful functions - embedded in the SENECT control units - which execute these tasks. Examples for these functions are:

Beside these 'typical for aquaculture' tasks, the SENECT control units can also be used for individualized regluation and control tasks. For example:

    • Individual switch on / off of output ports based on sensor measurements
    • Time controlled output activation
    • Switching output ports in relation to other output ports
    • Giving alarm signals also to other devices

Thanks to these versatile features, the SENECT control units can fulfill nearly every task in aquaculture systems.