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  • Sawmills

  • Bavaria - Model SL 110i / SL 130i - Sawmills

    Bavaria - Model SL 110i / SL 130i - Sawmills

    Sawmills that are capable of sawing logs up to 130 cm in diameter are hard to come by. In terms of a mobile unit, the SL was the only device in the world that was able to do so when it was introduced in November of 2002. This very fact and its pioneering technology made it a real trendsetter. So it is of no surprise that it was recognised with an Innovation Award already in 2003. By now, the unit has proven itself many hundreds of times over in all...

  • SERRA - Model FE 50 - Sawmills

    SERRA - Model FE 50 - Sawmills

    One important aspect considered in the design of this band sawmill was ease-of-use as well as low maintenance. The FE50 meets all of these requirements, while it is also unbeatably affordable and allows high productivity

  • Alpina - Model KB 90 - Sawmill

    Alpina - Model KB 90 - Sawmill

    Whoever want's to work with his sawmill independent from any electrical power supply and without any extra generator, needs a machine with a petrol engine. The mobile sawmill model Alpina KB90 is equipped with a V2 petrol engine manufactured by Vanguard (Briggs & Stratton). With only one liter cubic capacity this engine supplies your sawmill with powerful 35 HP (26 kW). The alternator supplies the electric sawhead advance engine, the vertical...

  • Supplementary Equipment

  • Duett - Mobile or Stationary Machine

    Duett - Mobile or Stationary Machine

    As a complement for your sawmill we offer an edger with two (Duett) or four (Quartett) circular blades. Simple but strongly built. Available as a mobile or stationary machine. All fabrications are constructed from aluminium or zinc coated steel which greatly reduces the risk of stainings and increases the working life.The mobile version is easy to set up and use. Contractors will often rent out the Duett to their customers so they can edge the...

  • Serra - Model Type WR1 - Sharpeners

    Serra - Model Type WR1 - Sharpeners

    Sawblades in good shape are important for a good cut and that is why we offer a solution, our sharpeners that allows you to cut at any place at any moment and in an easy way. Of course we offer you our Sawblade sharpening service. For us it is very important, that you sharpen your blades yourselve without depending on other people. Because you earn your money sawing and not at sawblade manteinance, we have developed a system wich makes this important...