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  • Acra-Phoenix/Acra-Place Systems

  • Acra-Place - Model Standard - Pin-Adjust System

    Acra-Place - Model Standard - Pin-Adjust System

    When ordering the standard Pin-Adjust System, select appropriate mount bracket(s) and the desired planter enhancements. Optional Vari-Just System and replacement parts are available. Universal Rigid Mount is available, consult with the factory.

  • Acra-Place - Fertilizer Placement System

    Acra-Place - Fertilizer Placement System

    The Stand Alone Acra-Place Fertilizer System is designed to face mount on any row crop planter using the 2½ standard Face Mount Pin-Adjust or Vari-Just Stem systems or to replace older Acra-Place systems using the 1-1/2½ Vari-Just Stem already in place on the planter. The Stand Alone System has all of the features found on the Acra Phoenix Acra-Place systems but without the added expense of the zone manager or trash whipper systems. The...

  • Acra - Plant

  • Acra - Drill Unit

    Acra - Drill Unit

    Convert your existing grain drill or row unit to a narrow profile state-of-the-art No-Till seeding unit.