Company Established in 1985, Maynard Financial dba Simplified Software has been developing software for all types of business clientele. We focus on FileMaker as a core development solution. We deal with small to medium clients and government agencies all over the United States and Canada. In 1991 we embarked on a course of development into the agricultural market. Since then we have put into service countless systems for produce brokers, shippers, distributors, coolers and transportation companies.

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P.O. Box 2508 , Santa Cruz , California 95063 USA

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Software vendor
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Internationally (various countries)

Agricultural Industry

For over 25 years Simplified Software has provided the agricultural industry with speciality produce software that meets their individual way of doing business. 

Clients say that our systems have a simple intuitive operation so the work flows smoothly. Our agricultural produce software covers shipping, distribution, brokerage and import – export. In addition the requirements for produce traceability can be overwhelming to a small shipping – distribution business, see how Produce Advantage handles the challenge.

If you find yourself entering the same data multiple times, frustrated that your current system is difficult to use or your current software has stalled your growth plans then call our team to learn how we may be able to help.

Customized Business Solutions

In addition to our “ag” products above Simplified Software works with a wide variety of businesses wanting rapid database design and development in FileMaker under Windows, Macintosh or mobile OS environments. 

Owners and managers come to us because they are looking for expertise in software development to remove data repetition, provide reporting, track inventory or integrate with another applications like Quickbooks. 

If you are experiencing a bottleneck in your business, data problems, or you can’t grow doing it the “old” way then call to learn how we may be able to help.

Hablo Español. Podemos asistir en español como usar nuestro programa de computadora para su compania de frutas y vegetables.