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  • FileMaker - Database Development and Customization Software

    FileMaker - Database Development and Customization Software

    Having built hundreds of FileMaker database development systems for business, we organize our development into three phases: Design, Development and Implementation. Our approach is to have the client involved in each phase of the process.

  • Produce and Agricultural Software

    Produce and Agricultural Software

    The best of Broker Advantage, Shipper Advantage and Distributor Advantage all rolled up into one.  If your business model has a dynamic component that requires flexibility to be able to bring inventory into your warehouse, buy – sell, deal with growers and do different types of brokerage we have something that fits into your world. It was developed out of the requests from clients wanting a simple interface without the complexities and...

  • Simplified - Broker Advantage Software

    Simplified - Broker Advantage Software

    Broker Advantage software has the capability to simplify all your daily paperwork and still leave time to concentrate on new business. The elements for each load are entered and viewed in one simple screen. Every weight and pallet calculation needed to ensure the most profit from each load is done for you on a line-by-line basis. This system will give you the power to purchase product, take product from inventory, broker a product, protected or split...

  • Simplified - Shipper Advantage Software

    Simplified - Shipper Advantage Software

    The heart of Shipper Advantage is its ability to give order and purchase control easily with detail. Automatic or manual assignment of inventory. Multi locations/warehouse control. Unit of measures are automatically converted. FIFO real time inventory detail. Repack module. View one weeks purchase requirement on a single screen.

  • Simplified - Distributor Advantage Software

    Simplified - Distributor Advantage Software

    Having access to any type of order on one screen will help you to process any order fast with a minimum effort. View the order, inventory or sold information from one screen. Sell from inventory. Buy and Sell on one line. Brokerage or protected brokerage. Delivered pricing is calculated automatically per commodity. Buy in one unit of measure and sell in another. Adjust a prior at anytime. Duplicate orders to save time with data entry. Customer pricing...

  • Simplified - Transport Advantage Software

    Simplified - Transport Advantage Software

    Simple To Use, One Screen Entry: The heart of the system is having one screen of information in front of you to display everything about this customer’s load. Produce Freight, multiple customer, multiple pickups per truck, percentage or fix amount freight, freight pricing per commodity calculated automatically, call log, advances.

  • Simplified - Produce Traceability Software

    Simplified - Produce Traceability Software

    Benefits of PTI – Produce Traceability Software include: Ability to determine the origin of a product, ingredient or component. Simplifies problem-solving in event of defective or contaminated product, ingredient or component. Allows issues to be more quickly identified, contained and resolved. Limits losses and lowers costs. Protects public health and safety. Builds trust and confidence in affected products, businesses or systems. Verifies that...