Found in March 2004, SINOTECH (BEIJING) DEVELOPMENT CO., LTD. is a Leonardite source organic fertilizer manufacturer in China. With own Leonardite Mine, we can supply high quality and competitive price organic fertilizer products. Taking advantage technology and equipment, we research and produce global satisfied products as well as reduce the manufacturing cost. We shall keep our step to developing excellent products all the time. Our mainly products include: 1. Leonardite source Humizone® Humate Fertilizer 2. Leonardite source Humizone® Fulvate Fertilizer 3. Natural Extract Humizone® Seaweed Extract 4. Animal and Vegetal Source Humizone® Amino Acid Additive 5. Humizone® Microelement Chelate Compound Fertilizer 6. Humizone® Slow Release Granule Fertilizer 7. Humizone® Liquid Extract Fertilizer With our Humizone® brand, SINOTECH organic fertilizer products have been distributed to more than 20 countries in Middle East, Southeast Asian, Europe and South America.

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TONGHU Street , Beijing , 100110 China

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Globally (various continents)
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$1,000,000 US - $10,000,000 US