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We are a company residing in Nås in the west of the provice Dalarna, since 1995 we have focused on providing service to the forest machine Our market is primarily Scandinavia, but a large portion of our products reach out to the rest of Europe and other parts of the world. From our operations in Nås we can quickly serve you with products, many of our products are available on the \"shelf\" for immediate delivery. We are a company with a strong awareness of the importance of providing customers with a good attitude and a high level of service.

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Närsjövägen 36 , NÅS , Dalarna SE-780 53 Sweden

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Nationally (across the country)

Nordic Capital is based in 1994 and baserade its activities in exploateringen of an patenterad product. The automatic stolsnivelleringen.

The product received the issue Sit Right, same as Nordic Capital. This made in view of a forthcoming international roll out. It is important to produktnamnet could be linked to funktionen.

Serieproduktionen was launched in 1995 by the automated stolsnivelleringen. The activities were förlagd to Falun. 1997 flyttade production to Sigtuna, to 2000 flytta to nas i Dalarna. Lokalerna in NAS provides much skogsmaskinhistorik when Stora previously has used these lokaler to its maskinverkstad for maintenance and service of its skogsmaskiner i Västerdalarna.

To establishing a new product on the market has proven to be a long, krokig path. Where the man is beginning a new product marknadsföra man, nothing has so gratis. It goes not to referera bakåt with preceding products and zero can ju efterfråga a product which are not known at this stage. So in this case, we received to start with establishing a market and it can normally only be done hos slutkunden viz. användaren / brukaren.

We started to end, to travel out to the users of skogmaskiner and entrepreneurs in Sweden to produktens was able to demonstrate and övertyga on förträfflighet.

Following many tusen demobuss mil with our order in time the market grew. Manufacturers started receiving up ögonen of the product by providing entrepreneurs started to efterfråga Sit Right at nyköp of machines.

Although we have givetvis In the past few years actively impacted maskintillverkarna i Norden and mucus in Europe.

This long-term work has led to the product to our hos fabriksmonteras most of skogsmaskintillverkarna. Bland referenser our names available produced by John Deere, Komatsu, Ponsse, Rottne, Gremo, Logset, Tigercat, Silvatec m.fl.

Over the years, reaching further products has emerged, as complementary to 'stolstilten' or as distinct products.

Utvecklingsarbetet of existing continuously operating the products and so there is also the ongoing naturligtvis nyutvecklingar which will entail until the new products in the future.