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  • Mecanil - Model SG220 - Gripsåg

    Mecanil - Model SG220 - Gripsåg

    This is an excellent Grip the sig Unsuitable for Convictions of trad and kvistar such as i parkområden and i närheten of ellinjer o.s.v. Requires no extra hydraulslangar Gripen and Gripen has a litet oljeflöde. Gripen is also a cultural ample to MONTERA.

  • Biotassu + - Grapple Tilt

    Biotassu + - Grapple Tilt

    Biotassu +, controlling Biotassu S35/S 50 grapple tilt is much easier. Biotassu + may be adapted to many other applications. Due to its adapter, it can be easily fixed to the rotator’s head. Biotassu’s basic machine may be, for example, a forest tractor or an agriculture loader. The device runs with the hydraulic system of the basic machine.