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  • Grain Pump

  • Hutchinson - Grain Pump

    Hutchinson - Grain Pump

    The Hutchinson Grain Pump is a continuous grain loop conveying system (chain conveyor), that incorporates the functions of many of the traditional grain systems that have been in the market place for a long time. The grain loop can incorporate many storage bin units and provide easy in-load and out-load to trucks or wagons, moving grain vertically and horizontally with ease.

  • Grain Storage

  • Sukup - Stiffened Farm Flat Bottom Bins

    Sukup - Stiffened Farm Flat Bottom Bins

    The Sukup stiffened farm bin is an economical grain storage alternative. Adding outside stiffeners or uprights to the side wall of the bin allows the use of lighter gauge sidewall sheets compared to an unstiffened bin, resulting in a storage bin with slightly less pounds of steel when compared to the same size of bin in the unstiffened version – less pounds of steel means more economical. Your first thought might be that less pounds of steel...

  • Grain Handling

  • Sukup - Bucket Elevators

    Sukup - Bucket Elevators

    Sukup Bucket Elevators incorporate industry leading technology and are built to your specifications. UHMW seals on all shafts, durable SOFR rubber belting, heavy-gauge trunking, oversized access ports, and Low Impact Head design make this elevator the engineering benchmark for grain handling.

  • Sukup - Drag Conveyors

    Sukup - Drag Conveyors

    Sukup offers two Drag Conveyors. The standard drag conveyor allowing incline rates up to 10°, and the Hy-Flight Incline conveyor allowing inclines of up to 60°.

  • Grain Drying, Aeration and Conditioning

  • Grain Dryers

    Grain Dryers

    In traditional grain dryers (with only one metering roll per side) the inner layers are over-dried and the outer layers are under-dried. This means a great deal of blending occurs. It also means that the kernels on the inside are much hotter. This intense heat can result in stress cracks and lower quality grain. Sukup grain dryers can reduce this moisture variation and maintain grain quality without blocking airflow or creating spots for debris to...

  • Sukup - Stacked Grain Dryer

    Sukup - Stacked Grain Dryer

    The Sukup Stacked Grain Dryer fills the market niche between the conventional, single plenum grain dryer and the Sukup Tower Grain Dryer. Grain drying capacity is increased by stacking dryer units on top of one another in double or triple stacks. While the conventional grain dryer can dry up to 1050 Bushels per hour, the triple Stacked Grain Dryer can handle more than 3 times that number at 3600 Bushels per hour. Stacked Grain Dryers have all of the...

  • Sukup - Tower Grain Dryers

    Sukup - Tower Grain Dryers

    Whether drying corn, grass seed, rice, grains, cereals or soybeans the Sukup innovative design and the latest state of the art Control guarantees that each seed is given equal, gentle treatment providing a quality finished product. Sukup Tower Grain Dryers feature high-quality components like stainless steel screens, a stainless steel grain table, top-quality blowers and burners, and easy-to-use computerized controls with self-diagnostics. Sukup Tower...

  • Grain Bin Monitoring

  • Wireless Grain Management System

    Wireless Grain Management System

    This new wireless grain management system software allows you to remotely monitor both temperature and moisture levels on your grain bins and even sends you a message when one of the custom parameters that you set yourself is breached (email and text message).