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The Sukup Stacked Grain Dryer fills the market niche between the conventional, single plenum grain dryer and the Sukup Tower Grain Dryer. Grain drying capacity is increased by stacking dryer units on top of one another in double or triple stacks. While the conventional grain dryer can dry up to 1050 Bushels per hour, the triple Stacked Grain Dryer can handle more than 3 times that number at 3600 Bushels per hour. Stacked Grain Dryers have all of the outstanding features of the single and dual plenum dryers, and in addition, they have the exclusive, patented Grain Cross-OverT System. Sukup has developed the patented Grain Cross-OverT System to help eliminate over drying and balance the moisture content of dried grain in a Stacked Grain Dryer configuration. This exclusive, innovative system switches the grain from one side of the dryer to the other as it passes from module to module.


Switching sides balances moisture two ways. Since most grain dryers are close to grain bins, one side is typically sheltered from the wind. A cold fall wind can greatly cool the unprotected side of the dryer, resulting in wetter grain and uneven drying. By switching the grain from one side of the dryer to the other on the way down, you balance the exposure that each portion of grain has to the wind. With the Grain Cross-OverT System, the inner, hotter layer of grain in the top module becomes the outer, cooler layer in the bottom module, which prevents the grain from over drying and gives more consistent moisture content. The Grain Cross-OverT System reduces variation in moisture content between the inner and outer portions of the columns, as well as between the two sides of the dryer.


Sukup was the first company to make true moisture sensing standard on its dryers. Sampling the grain moisture, rather than grain temperature, gives a more accurate measure of progress, and results in more consistent final moisture content. Moisture content information is collected from the sensor located in the discharge tube and critical adjustments are made to the metering roll speeds in order to maintain your desired discharge moisture content

The design of this configuration has won two engineering awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers for outstanding engineering innovations in agriculture. The Sukup Grain Cross-OverT System received an AE50 Award and the Sukup Quad Metering Roll System was given an AE50 Award . The awards recognize outstanding engineering innovations in agriculture.

The two things every farmer looks for in a grain dryer – easy operation and good quality dried grain – can be found with these models. Easy operation comes from the simple, computerized controls and large display that lead you through start-up and all functions. The computerized controls were designed to eliminate around-the-clock monitoring and to increase productivity and efficiency. Step-by-step instructions lead you through all keypad functions and the keypad is contoured and large enough to use while wearing gloves. Advanced self-diagnostics tell you when there is a problem and suggest corrections. The standard printer provides a hardcopy of important operation data and optional monitoring and some operational control of your unit from a personal computer or laptop is also available.

*Transport Height is with wet holding bin lowered on top unit. ** Bu/Hr (bushels per hour) are calculated on shelled corn wet bushels at listed input moistures with grain discharged hot at 17% moisture, resulting in 15% moisture after steeping and cooling. Drying variances may occur due to grain kernel size, variety, maturity levels, excessive fines, adverse weather conditions, etc.

This information is intended to assist you in choosing the optimal equipment for your situation. Many factors, such as grain variety, maturity levels, cleanliness of grain, various weather conditions, etc., can affect the operation of agricultural equipment and your results may vary. Thus, this information is not a guarantee of product specifications or performance. Based on these factors, Sukup specifications should only be used as estimates, and not as a warranty, express or implied, of how a particular Sukup unit will perform under your operating conditions. Because Sukup is constantly improving our products, changes may occur that may not be reflected in the specifications.

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