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  • SlurryKat - Tankers

  • SlurryKat - Super Tankers

    SlurryKat - Super Tankers

    Because we're contractors ourselves, and having over 15 years agricultural contracting experience using slurry handling tankers, SlurryKat are now seen as the market leaders through innovation, design and quality with our new range of Super Tankers.

  • SlurryKat - Slurry Tankers with Dribble Bars

    SlurryKat - Slurry Tankers with Dribble Bars

    With numerous recent prestigious awards for Innovation, SlurryKat are now seen as the world technical leaders when it comes to complete packages comprising Vacuum tankers merged with Multi Award Winning spreading technology equipment.

  • Hose Handling Systems

  • SlurryKat - Mounted Reelers

    SlurryKat - Mounted Reelers

    SlurryKat front mounted reelers enable the operator to increase the hose carrying capacity by up to 800 metres meaning the SlurryKat system is one of the highest capacity hose carrying systems available on the market. All front mounted reelers come standard with 3pt linkage fittings but can also be offered as part of a quick attach/ detach A-frame system. Front weight carrying brackets can also be fitted for tractors that are not equipped with front...

  • SlurryKat - Trailed Reelers

    SlurryKat - Trailed Reelers

    Long & Reliable Operation: If you are a contractor offering long distance slurry/ manure handling, then it is likely that you will frequently operate in environments that require more than 1000 metres of hose. SlurryKat Trailed Reelers keep slurry/manure flowing in this type of situation, and take the hard work out of hose laying and retrieval. Highly mobile and robust, all of our rigorously engineered trailed reelers are fitted with flotation...