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Smith Irrigation is a family-owned company with over thirty years experience supplying traveling sprinkler systems for irrigation and dust control. Water reel traveling sprinklers are our specialty and we provide pumps, hose, fittings, accessories, parts, information, and service to support the water reels we sell. Located in the very heart of the USA, we take pride in our American made water reels.

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107 South Main Street , Kensington , Kansas 66951 USA

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Agriculture - Irrigation
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Nationally (across the country)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Waterreel traveling sprinklers. Water Reel traveling sprinkler systems are portable traveling sprinkler reel irrigators for riding arena dust control plus sprinkler systems to irrigate sports fields, cool and clean synthetic or artificial turf, natural turf, watering synthetic turf, portable sprinkler irrigation equipment for irrigation of parks, school grounds, soccer fields, ultimate frisbee fields, futbol fields, rugby fields, football fields, sports stadiums, softball fields, athletic fields, college grounds, baseball fields, field hockey, ball diamonds, athletic fields, golf courses, polo fields, cemeteries, grounds, nurseries, small farms, vegetable farms, small ranches, landscapes, estates, farms, ranches, horse pasture, cattle pasture, elk pasture, turfgrass, sod farms, vegetables, seed germination, produce, hay, agriculture, crops, composting, arena footing, arena dust control, equestrian sports arenas, horse stables, horse boarding, roping arenas, team roping arenas, reining arenas, barrel racing dust control, cutting horse arena dust control, team penning arena dust control, dressage arenas, show arenas, exercise arenas, rodeo arenas, fairgrounds, construction sites, fugitive dust suppression, and anywhere controlled, uniform applications of water are needed for irrigation or dust control. Smith Irrigation Equipment supplies irrigation pumps, booster pumps, water hose, fittings, and irrigation accessories for waterreel traveling sprinklers. Waterreels operate without supervision and shut off automatically when the sprinkler arrives back at the reel.