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  • Smith - Irrigation Water Pressure Boosting Pumps

    Smith - Irrigation Water Pressure Boosting Pumps

    Irrigation water pressure boosting pumps can be mounted on traveling sprinklers or installed between the water source and the sprinkler. Booster pumps are used to raise inadequate water pressure to improve performance of a sprinkler. Booster pumps are gasoline powered to retain the portability of the sprinkler. The gas powered booster pumps are available with either a 5.5 H.P. or 9 H.P. re-coil start air-cooled engine, fuel tank, and mounting...

  • Smith - Waterreel Irrigation for Cemeteries

    Smith - Waterreel Irrigation for Cemeteries

    Reel irrigators are excellent choices for cemetery irrigation on old or new cemeteries. The sprinkler and cart can operate around monuments or obstacles. The moving sprinkler irrigates around monuments, or trees, from all angles, providing coverage front, sides, and back as the sprinkler passes by. Waterreels do not require trenching underground pipe that may interfere with future internments, or disturb existing ones. Coverage is easily expanded when...

  • Smith - Hose Reel

    Smith - Hose Reel

    We have it. Whether you need high pressure discharge supply hose, commonly called 'lay flat' or fire hose type, suction hose, or pe replacement tube for your traveling reel sprinkler, we have it. We keep adequate hose inventories in stock for most applications and if you need something special, we can have it for you quickly. Call us with your hose needs for a new application or replacement.

  • Sprinkler Stands

    Sprinkler Stands

    Traveling sprinklers, traveling gun sprinklers, big sprinklers or small sprinklers on a portable stand or cart, irrigation sprinklers, wastewater sprinklers, and dust control sprinklers all have something in common. They are all available at smith irrigation equipment. Our sprinklers are adjustable for full or part circle operation. We can supply the best trajectory angles to provide the greatest distance for irrigation sprinklers and still be...

  • Artificial Turf Cooling

    Artificial Turf Cooling

    The same convenient features that make reel irrigators the leader in natural sports turf irrigation also make these sprinklers the first choice for cooling, cleaning, and conditioning artificial and synthetic sports turf surfaces. A cooler, cleaner, and more attractive playing suface provides a more comfortable and sanitary environment, and a more attractive arena for any sports event.

  • Kifco - Water-Reel Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

    Kifco - Water-Reel Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

    Kifco, Inc. and smith irrigation have had a mutual relationship since 1970 with Kifco, Inc. Manufacturing the water-reel sprinkler irrigation systems sold by smith irrigation over the years. This tenure has an advantage to you, the customer, in many ways. First, we are familiar with the evolution of the equipment over the years. In addition, we stock both new machines and parts as well as parts for older Kifco water-reels.

  • Pasture Irrigation System

    Pasture Irrigation System

    Sprinkler irrigation for pastures has never been easier. Portable Hose Reel Traveling Sprinklers Irrigate Pasture and hay fields as easy as you would water a sports field, park, or lawn. The rugged construction of our reel sprinklers allow easy irrigation of any field, including rough pastures. Your water source can be a well, creek, river, ditch, or pond. The sprinkler can follow a gentle curve to match an irregular field boundary. The moving...