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Sorma Group is an international group of companies specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of post harvest equipment and packaging material for the fresh fruit and vegetables industry.

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via Delle Mele, 15 , Cesena (FC) , 47522 Italy

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This company also provides solutions for environmental applications.
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With headquarters in Cesena, one of the Italian agricultural capitals, Sorma Group is an international group of companies specialised in the manufacturing and distribution of post harvest equipment and packaging material for the fresh fruit and vegetables industry.

The Group comprise four divisions, each specialised in different fields.Sorma Spa design and manufacture automatic packing machines and produce handling solutions from bin dumpers to palletisers.Netpack, specialised in the manufacturing of flexible packaging such as nets (extruded and woven), printed films as well as complementary products (labels, corner-boards, clip, etc).Compac Sorma Europe, sorting division of the Group, is at the forefront of developing and manufacturing technologies for the electronic selection of fruit and vegetables.

Sinclair, American multinational leader in the production of small fruit labels. Sorma Group, over the last 20 years, has been sole agent for the Italian market.Thanks to this structure, the Group was able to distinguish and establish itself around the world as a global company capable to provide innovative and automatic solutions for packing houses.

40 years of history, 4 companies, 1 aim: to satisfy the specific needs of each customer.This makes Sorma Group one of the leading groups in the post harvest and packaging industry.

Sorma Spa, was created in 1973; from the very beginning it established itself as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the industry.

In fact Sorma forsaw the importance of packaging and reacted by developing a whole range of machinery to support the packaging process: weighers, packing machines up to palletisers increasing every year the product range.

Thanks to the continuous research and development for technological and automated solutions Sorma was able to collect many patents over the years and to become a reference point in the post harvest equipment for fruit and vegetables worldwide.

Innovative solutions, prompt technical service, qualified and competent staff are the main characteristics of Sorma.

Netpack was established at the end of the'80s; it is the packaging material division of the Group, dedicated to the production of flexible packaging in net and film.

The entire production cycle is carried out within the company; from the processing of raw materials, graphic creation, printing plates, printing and lamination. This enables Netpack to be extremly flexible and versatile in meeting customer demands and requirements.

Netpack's aim is to provide high impact packaging that will give an added value to produce.

Perfect example of this is the vertbag; vertical bag in net film, in the '90s it changed completely the concept of packaging thanks to its ample space for the communication and high resolution images.

Fifteen years later Vertbag continues to be one of the most sought after packs by retailers (in the domestic and foreign markets) as well as being the most imitated.

State of the art technology, know-how,thourough distribution network and fast deliveries have made of Netpack one of the leading companies in the packaging for fruit and vegetables.

Compac Sorma Europe Spa, the Group's sorting division, was created in 1994 through an agreement between Sorma and Compac Sorting Equipment (New Zealand) one of the leading companies in the manufacturing and development of technologies for the electronic selection of fruit and vegetables.

Compac Sorma Europe offers a wide range of electronic sorters with the ability to sort products by: blemish, internal taste, weight, diameter, colour, shape and density.

Gentle handling, accuracy and high production are the main characteristics of Compac sorters.

Over the last 20 years Sorma Group has been the Italian sole agent for Sinclair, leading international player in the fruit labelling industry.

This division develops labelling project (manual and automatic) for the retailers private label as well as private branding.

Sinclair combines the labels with high performance labellers distributed through a very efficient technical service.

Our core values are driven by the desire to meet customer satisfaction by providing high quality service in compliance with the law, the environment and ethical standards.

  • Understand and meet customer needs
  • Thouroughly understand the industry issues
  • Transparency with customers
  • Look for new solutions for customers
  • Invest in state of the art technology to improve the production process within the company
  • Motivate and train qualified staff
  • Respect the environment through a careful use of energy resources and raw materials
  • To be in compliance with the law and the Ethical Code

The Ethical Code is a reference model for those who work within Sorma Group; they must conform their behaviour to the values of integrity, loyalty and honesty of the company. They must be committed to their work and grow professionally, co-operate with work collegues, share information and show a costructive and positive behaviour in order to create a serene and comfortable working environment.

The Group's strategy is based on a close co-operation with customers that goes beyond the usual customer-supplier relationship. It becomes a partnership where the same growth targets are shared.

To foresee our customer needs and to increase their competitiveness and performance through our expertise, know-how and technology