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  • Autumn Fruiting Marvel

    Autumn Fruiting Marvel

    If you want to still believe that winter is not imminent, then one thing that will reinforce this notion is to have fresh fruit in your garden. I know fresh fruit is always available in the supermarket, either as cool stored or fresh imported but that really shouldn't be put up against garden fresh! The garden fresh fruit I'm talking of is the feijoa.

  • Camellias


    Our range of Camellias is wide, with just about every shape and colour flower on evergreen bushy shrubs. Excellent for hedging, or as a specimen. Pick the fantastic blooms that are produced in abundance from early winter through to late spring. Camellias are well suited to West Coast conditions and will tolerate both full and part shade. They make excellent hedges especially the autumn flowering sasanqua varieties. Camellias produce fantastic flowers...