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SP has the longest experience of all in the field of development and design of harvester heads. SP has been leading the development of the technique for almost 30 years Today SP harvester heads are in operation all over the world. In Sweden and in northern Europe the harvester heads are normally attached to wheeled forestry machines. In other countries such as North America, Spain and South Africa the harvester heads are often mounted on excavators. Harvester heads with different accessories can be optimized for different types of machines and demands. As an example accessories are available for debarking eucalyptus trees, colour marking as well as different measuring and controlling systems.

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Ringvägen 5 , Ljungby , SE-341 31 Sweden

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Globally (various continents)

SP was founded in 1978, in the small village of Lillarp, located in the middle of the vast south Swedish forestry district. Activities started with service and repair of all kinds of forestry machines but soon switched to improvement of the existing logging equipment as well as to the design of new techniques. After a clever idea and many months at the drawing board and in the workshop SP could in 1980 present the world´s first ever single-grip harvester head, the SP 21. The new technique revolutionized the forestry and made the mechanization of commercial thinning operations economically viable.

The success for the new technique continued during the eighties, more head models were designed and co-operation with FMG Timberjack was launched. SP then supplied harvester heads to Timberjack carriers for seven years until the co operation came to an end in 1991.


A lot has happened since the days of the SP21 and Timberjack. SP is today an international company that with its extensive distribution network covers most parts of the world.

New co-operations have been started with several famous machine manufacturers and SP harvester heads is today delivered on new carriers from such renowned brands as Komatsuforest, Rottne,  Timberpro, Tigercat and Gremo.

The extensive product line covers all forestry operations from first thinning to final felling as well as the debarking of plantation grown tropical hardwoods and the harvesting of woods for bio fuel.

Since year 2003 SP is together with Gremo incorporated in the Weland forestry machine division. Weland is a family-owned company specialized in sheet and steel working with an annual turnover of about 300 Million USD.