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  • Ground Sprayers 1

  • Model 510 - Ground Sprayers

    Model 510 - Ground Sprayers

    single fan electric rotating directional control tank 300-500 gallon 540 or 1000 pto 55 hp pto The 510 series has options for being truck mounted, or trailered with a diesel engine. Usage: orchards, nurserys, greenhouses, fly control Spray distance: 100 feet

  • Model 310 - Ground Sprayers

    Model 310 - Ground Sprayers

    Duel fans, independent electric directional operation 110 gallon tank 540 or 1000 pto 30 hp pto tractor Single fan, electric directional operation 110 gallon tank 540 or 1000 pto 20 hp pto tractor The 310 series has more options for spray head configurations than any of our other sprayers. These standard 3 point sprayers can be built onto pull trailers with separate engine options. Usage: orchards, vineyards,nurserys,greenhouses Spray distance: 25-50...

  • Model 4010 - Ground Sprayers

    Model 4010 - Ground Sprayers

    Engine-driven, Skid-mount design, All Aluminum Construction, Hand held spray hose or Fixed spray head, Tank: 30 gallon (113.5 L) Polyethylene, Dry Weight: 250 lbs. (113.5 kg), Uses: Vector Control, Orchards, Livestock Operations,, Nurseries, Greenhouses, Parks, Field Crops

  • Aerial Sprayer Systems

    Aerial Sprayer Systems

    Aerial applicators around the world now rely on the Spectrum Aerial Electrostatic System to improve spray performance, reduce operating costs, and enhance environmental and human safety. The Spectrum Aerial system is used by aerial applicators to control soybean rust in Brazil, to spray sugarcane in Africa, to protect cereal grains and other crops in Australia, and to spray rangeland, cotton, rice, corn, potatoes, sugar beets, grapes and other crops...

  • Spectrum - Model 3010 - BackPack Sprayers

    Spectrum - Model 3010 - BackPack Sprayers

    The Spectrum 3010 Backpack Conversion Kit converts existing, motorized backpack/ knapsack mist-blowers to electrostatic operation. Model 3010 - Ideal for use in vector control in remote areas. Proven effective for all crops, nurseries, greenhouses and livestock operations. Can be used for outdoor area disinfection.