Steqcan is an authorized importer of Peecon and Tulip, two leading brands of farming equipment manufactured in The Netherlands and distributed across Europe, Asia, Africa, Russia, North America and Australia. With competitive pricing and using the highest quality universal parts where possible, Peecon and Tulip offer a line of vertical feed mixers, manure spreaders, fertilizer tanks, tipping wagons, cultivators, and more.

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Steqcan has field experience with a wide brand of equipment manufacturers under various soil conditions in both Europe and Canada, and we can help you choose the best products to meet your agriculture and livestock farming needs. Our goal is to get high quality equipment to North America at competitive prices.

Based in Ontario, we can provide in-person consultations to help you choose the right product for the job. Browse our products online, or contact us to find out about our exciting line of farming equipment that will help you increase productivity in the field.

Steqcan is a young company born out of the need to provide better quality products in the Canadian market at a fair price. Our team of farm equipment experts understands the important business of farming. Because we are not just businesspeople, we are farmers, engineers, fathers, and sons. Why does this matter? Because we understand how a single low-quality piece on your machine can affect you, your business, and your family.