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  • Tulip - Dual Combinations

    Tulip - Dual Combinations

    Explanation Dual-Plus: The Dual-Plus system makes it possible to harrow, to build ridges and to plant potatoes in one working pass.

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  • Biga Lowliner - Feed Mixer

    Biga Lowliner - Feed Mixer

    In response to the market demand, Peeters Landbouwmachines developed a machine that stands out on all fronts. The Biga Lowliner will meet specific customer requirements. A series of 2-auger vertical feed mixers with a low centre of gravity design, combining a greater volume with a low loading height. These models have volumes from 14 m3 – 28 m3. The machine has a single axle and single mounted, integrated wheels. The...

  • Butler - Model XL - Feed Pusher

    Butler - Model XL - Feed Pusher

    From now, Peeters Agricultural Machinery can deliver an autonomous feed pusher, the Peecon Butler XL. The robot throws the feed loosely to the trough. Thanks to its special auger, freshness and quality are retained and your animals will be encouraged to take more feed. By encouraging the activity of your animals, the frequency with which they visit the milking robot will also be significantly increased.

  • Biga Pacman - Self-Propelled Feed Mixer

    Biga Pacman - Self-Propelled Feed Mixer

    We have been keeping it off quite some time, but now we have the right combination of machines in our range to answer to the market demand for a self-propelled system with our Biga Pacman. The self-propelled feed mixer is based on a new or re-fabricked Linde fork-lift truck, whereby we have replaced the counterweight by an elongated chassis with a mixing tub mounted on top of it. At the front, it has a traditional U cutter and an ingenious...

  • Biga Rapide - Self-Propelled and Self-Loading Undercarriages Feed Mixer

    Biga Rapide - Self-Propelled and Self-Loading Undercarriages Feed Mixer

    Around mid-2016, we started purchasing fully self-propelled and self-loading undercarriages manufactured by the Italian Storti company. In our own factory, we assemble the final products with mixing tubs and any other options and requires you may desire. The Biga Rapide will be available with capacities from 12 – 24 m3. Our choice for Storti was intensified by the mechanical drive of the augers, as a result of which there is no loss of...

  • Biga Future - Green Fodder Feed Mixer

    Biga Future - Green Fodder Feed Mixer

    Last year, we introduced the concept of the Biga Future green-fodder combination. The tub design on this combination was so well received that there is now a great demand to apply it to the current models as well. That is why we have decided, over the coming months, to convert the Biga GEN III models into Biga Future models. Apart from the tub design, there are also some modifications on the auger construction and dozens of details in...