Our company started the production of agricultural machinery in 1991, when besides the ploughs we produced also agricultural tools behind tractors and small tractors. Since 1995 we have been specialised only to production of ploughs. We have been producing ploughs behind wheel tractors of all brands, additional behind tractors of K700, 744 series and also behind the caterpillar tractors. The ploughs are fitted with ploughing bodies of various shapes intended to ploughing of various types of soil.

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Huštěnovice 402 , Huštěnovice , 687 03 Czech Republic

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Globally (various continents)
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The finished ploughs are loaded to truck by our trained employees. Handling with the ploughs takes all details into account and they are secured to prevent damage during transport to the customer, both functional, and aesthetical.

  • Long-term experience with production of ploughs
  • World-wide delivery
  • Flexibility and versatility

Production and distribution

We own our production operations fitted with up-to-date technological equipments for cutting, moulding, machining and heat treatment of the material. The material is cut by CNC plasma / gas cutting machines. Machining is performed on advanced CNC machines.

The ploughs are made from high-quality boron steel with increased wearing resistance, which is heat treated to improve strength and abrasion resistance, and then the hardness of 49 -54 HRc is achieved by subsequent quenching and tempering. After the heat treatment the material features required flexibility and strength. All parts are made in our factory.

All easily-worn parts and on stock and they are distributed to our customers by means of various forwarding agencies throughout the republic within shortest possible terms.

Strategy of the company

Strategy of the SUKOV company is based on proper acting and capability to adapt to our clients and business partners. We strive to continuously innovate the plough and to come around to up-to-date business trends.