Since 1939, Sund Mfg. has a proud history of manufacturing quality equipment. This fourth generation family owned business began as an agricultural equipment manufacturer, and for decades has shipped equipment all over the globe. Sund MFG, located 50 miles NE of Minot, ND, has evolved to include fabrication of a wide variety of oil field products. We provide complete turn-key services with structural welding, pipe welding, pipe fitting, construction, and electrical all done on site. Once the product is completed, we offer on time delivery to the job site.

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460 County Rd 20 , Newburg , North Dakota 58762 USA

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Sund Manufacturing Company Incorporated is a family-owned business located in the city of Newburg, in north central North Dakota. Sund's primary product is the Sund Raking Pickup, which is a combine pickup invented by Mr. Fred Sund in 1939.

The Sund Raking Pickup is used to harvest small grains, canola, field peas, and edible beans as well as a variety of other crops. The Sund Pickup enjoys many competitive advantages which have allowed it to remain at the head of its class since its inception nearly sixty years ago. Among them are the Sund's ability to harvest such a wide array of crops and do so in a great variety of crop and harvest conditions. It also has the ability to pick the crop cleanly while leaving the dirt and rock in the field. This reduces the amount of foreign material in the crop which allows the crop to be sold at a higher price. It also reduces wear and tear on the combine itself allowing for less combine maintenance costs. Testament to these and other competitive advantages is the fact that the Sund Raking Pickup won the silver medal for best farm machinery innovation at the Sima Agricultural show held in Paris, France in 1994.
The Sund Raking Pickup is widely distributed throughout North America and Europe, Australia, and Mexico. The Company is currently working to further develop its export markets.

If you're not using a Sund to pick up your crop, you may think shatter, field losses and dockage are just normal conditions of harvesting.

But they don't have to be.
With the Sund Raking Pickup you'll be able to gently pick up swaths, bean rows or field peas while leaving the dirt and rocks on the ground where they belong. The result is cleaner crop in your bin. And more of it.