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  • HarvestStar - Mini-Harvester System

    HarvestStar - Mini-Harvester System

    Sutton Ag's walk-behind HarvestStar baby leaf harvester affords small and medium size growers the advantages of mechanical harvesting at a fraction of the cost of self-driven and tractor-drawn harvesters. A single operator can harvest 300 lbs of leafy greens per hour with the HarvestStar™ mini-harvester, effectively doing the work of an entire hand harvest crew. Ideal for harvesting baby lettuce, spinach, or other leafy crop.

  • Sutton Ag Stacker Bar - Transporting Large Planters

    Sutton Ag Stacker Bar - Transporting Large Planters

    The popularity of wide planting beds increases every year, especially 80-inch beds. Planters large enough to plant three wide beds are difficult to transport safely and efficiently. Stacker bars can be used to condense these large planters for transportation. Our custom made stacker bars “stack” the planter units, holding them in an upright position at a more convenient, transportable width under 14-feet. Stacking also has the advantage of...