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SwarmFarm Robotics

SwarmFarm: we`re delivering autonomous agriculture, creating tailored solutions for efficient and sustainable agriculture. Our robots are empowering farmers to deploy new technology in their fields with customised solutions for challenges faced in their local farming systems. Our journey started in a paddock in rural Queensland, Australia back in 2012.

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255 Glenorina Access , Gindie , QLD 4720 Australia
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Our journey started back in 2012 when we decided that enough was enough, farming couldn’t continue with ever larger and more complicated machines. We had a clear vision to create better farming systems and unlock the promise of autonomous agriculture.

Using our own farming operations in Central Queensland, Australia as a testbed, we partnered with two universities to develop our first prototype – Agbot 1, an automous RTV.

In 2014, we built our first SwarmBot! We set out to simplify agriculture, to challenge the current paradigm for large, cumbersome machinery. SwarmBot 1 was a three wheeled, single drive machine that weighed only 300kg.

SwarmBot 3 was our next generation platform that was delivered in 2015. These machines were used with our early adopter customers in a commercial spraying application.

To support our technology and take it to commercial operations, we are supported by true believers. We would like to sincerely thank Adama, Westpac, Elders, Telstra, Fitzroy Basin Association and the Central Highlands Regional council, for their support.