We apply world-class science and the most productive research and development in the industry to achieve a step change in agricultural productivity. In more than 90 countries around the world, our employees enable millions of farmers to improve global food security by making better, more sustainable use of available resources.

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Crop Cultivation
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Globally (various continents)
more than $1,000,000,000 US

We are a business that helps humanity face its toughest challenge: how to feed a rising population, sustainably. Our world class science and innovative crop solutions transform how crops are grown to enable millions of growers to make better use of available resources. 
At the heart of our contribution is The Good Growth Plan, our six commitments to address critical challenges the world faces to achieve food security. Our business – and the world’s food security – depend on sustainable natural resources, healthy ecosystems and thriving rural communities. Which is why we cooperate with industry partners, governments and NGOs to support the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our Corporate Governance is aligned with international standards and practice and helps us achieve not only our business objectives, but also helps create value to society that is demonstrated by our strong environmental and social performance. 

By 2050, the world’s farmers and growers will need to feed around two billion more people. And they’ll need to do so as the land available for agriculture diminishes. It’s a serious challenge and global food security hinges on it.

Our research and development, the products we bring to market, and the knowledge and expertise we provide to growers are helping to release the full potential of crops all over the world. 

Our ambition
Our ambition is to bring greater food security in an environmentally sustainable way to an increasingly populous world by creating a worldwide step change in farm productivity.  
We work in more than 90 countries with farms of all sizes, from smallholdings of less than 2 hectares to sustainable industrial farms.
The Good Growth Plan is having an increasing influence on our business and taking us nearer to realizing our ambition.
How is Syngenta different?
We apply world-class science and the most productive research and development in the industry to achieve a step change in agricultural productivity.  

We use our deep understanding of crops to develop a leading portfolio of crop protection and seeds, and combine products and agronomic know-how to deliver integrated offers.

Our teams around the world combine their local knowledge with our global assets and expertise, tailoring solutions that create value for growers. 

Contribution through collaboration
We know that meeting our ambition must be a combined effort. Our open, collaborative culture has made us a trusted and sought-after partner:  we have built a rich network of productive alliances with academic institutions, other agricultural businesses and growers.  These relationships leverage our own resources – accelerating our innovation, sharpening our production efficiency and increasing our flexibility.

We provide products and solutions to help farmers achieve global food security for a growing population, sustainably. We work by looking at agriculture through the eyes of growers, and by applying world-class science to develop crop protection products and seeds.

Our innovations help farmers to overcome multiple challenges – from weeds, insects and disease, to the effects of heat and cold on crops. Whether they grow corn or rice, vegetables or coffee, farmers around the world trust Syngenta to help them produce healthy, premium crops and minimize the use of precious natural resources.

At the heart of our business are innovation, ethical operations and a collaborative mindset. 

Our research and development leads the agricultural industry: we spend US$1.4bn a year on R&D and regularly bring new products to market, even though this can take up to 13 years. 

Our Corporate Responsibility performance – in areas including environment, labor practices, and human rights – adheres to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which helps businesses communicate their impact on sustainability issues. 

Collaboration is essential to our innovation. We work in partnership with academia, NGOs and other agricultural businesses, and we encourage innovators to reach out to us through our thoughtseeders® platform.