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  • Crop Protection - Fungicides

    Fungicides prevent and cure diseases which can have severe adverse effects on crop yields and quality. The main markets are fruit and vegetables, cereals and rice.

  • Elatus - SDHI Based Foliar Fungicide

    Elatus - SDHI Based Foliar Fungicide

    ELATUS provides superior, longer-lasting control of soybean rust and ensures sustainable yield.  It is, additionally, a broad spectrum product and gives excellent control of Septoria and rusts in cereals and a range of diseases in specialty crops.

  • Alto - Broad-Spectrum Triazole Fungicide

    Alto - Broad-Spectrum Triazole Fungicide

    ALTO is the ideal partner for rust spectrum enhancement. ALTO is a broad-spectrum triazole fungicide highly effective against rust, powdery mildew and leaf spot diseases and is registered worldwide for use on a wide range of arable fruit and vegetable crops as well as turf grasses. Its superior triazole chemistry and curative action make it an excellent partner in controlling Asian Soybean Rust (ASR) and its rapid uptake and flexible application...

  • Amistar - Broad-Spectrum Fungicide

    Amistar - Broad-Spectrum Fungicide

    AMISTAR is a broad-spectrum fungicide ideally suited for use in IPM programs. An innovation in plant disease control originally inspired by a species of forest-dwelling mushroom, which produced its own natural fungicide, AMISTAR and its related brands is now the world’s No1 fungicide. Through its broad-spectrum activity it delivers consistent yield and quality benefits around the world in a broad array of crop types.

  • Bravo / Daconil - Multi-Site Fungicide

    Bravo / Daconil - Multi-Site Fungicide

    BRAVO is the world's leading multi-site fungicide and foundation partner for fungal control programs. BRAVO is the ideal foundation partner for many fungicide programs and also provides growers with significant yield and quality benefits that result in an excellent return on investment. Its broad range of biological activity has made BRAVO one of the world’s leading contact fungicides.

  • Revus - Fungicide for the Fruit and Vegetable Grower

    Revus - Fungicide for the Fruit and Vegetable Grower

    REVUS is the latest fungicide for the fruit and vegetable grower. For potato and vegetable growers demanding high standards for control of late blight, REVUS is the brand that assures more reliable foliar protection (even in difficult climatic conditions) and provides them with confidence in protecting a quality, marketable harvest through its unique LOK+FLO action.

  • Crop Protection - Herbicides

    Weeds are undesirable plants growing within a crop and they compete for resources such as nutrients, water and light. Without weed control, crop yields can be significantly reduced. Weeds can also cause further problems by harboring pests and diseases, interfering with harvest operations, and increasing costs of cleaning and drying the crop produce.

  • Axial - Broad Spectrum of Weed Control and Convenience Herbicides

    Axial - Broad Spectrum of Weed Control and Convenience Herbicides

    AXIAL, advancing to new confidence. AXIAL is the first of a family of tailor-made cereal grass weed solutions to be introduced to growers globally. It has been developed for worldwide use in both wheat and barley and offers unrivaled crop tolerance. In addition, AXIAL offers a broad spectrum of weed control and convenience to the grower through its flexible application times in varying weather conditions and compatibility with many broadleaf...

  • Beacon - Highly Selective Herbicide to Control

    Beacon - Highly Selective Herbicide to Control

    A highly selective herbicide to control key annual broad-leaf weeds and perennial grasses in corn and grass seed production. A highly selective herbicide to control annual broadleaf weeds and key perennial grasses (Sorghum, Elytrigia) in corn.

  • Crop Protection - Insecticides

    Insects like caterpillars and aphids can significantly reduce crop yields and quality. Insecticides help minimize this damage by controlling insect pests. The largest insecticide markets are in fruit and vegetables, cotton, rice and corn.

  • Actara - Unique Systemic Insecticide

    Actara - Unique Systemic Insecticide

    ACTARA is a second generation neonicotinoid for controlling foliar and soil pests in multiple crops. ACTARA is a unique systemic insecticide that provides excellent, fast-acting and long-lasting elimination of a broad range of foliar and soil pests and offers effective protection for the world’s major crops. Its benefits go beyond insect control as its unique chemical properties consistently helps farmers to maximize crop potential through...

  • Chess/Plenum/Fulfill - Crop Protection Insecticides

    Chess/Plenum/Fulfill - Crop Protection Insecticides

    CHESS/PLENUM/FULFILL provides powerful control of aphids and whiteflies (vegetables, potatoes, stone fruits and ornamentals) and of hoppers (rice and mangos). It delivers immediate crop protection through permanent inhibition of feeding.

  • Durivo - Modern Broad Spectrum Insecticides

    Durivo - Modern Broad Spectrum Insecticides

    DURIVO is innovation in performance and convenience. DURIVO offers growers performance and convenience in the production of healthier crops and harvest. The DURIVO product line is a range of diamide chemistry based broad spectrum insecticides that perform with less sprays needed, and helps to deliver improved yields.

  • Seed Care

    Seeds carry the genetic potential of crops. They also carry substantial amounts of energy, which makes them highly attractive for pests and diseases.

  • Model XL - Systemic Seed Treatment Fungicide

    Model XL - Systemic Seed Treatment Fungicide

    Systemic seed treatment fungicide to control seed and soilborne diseases such as Pythium spp.- Phytophthora spp. and downy mildews on cotton, sunflower, soybeans, peas and many other crops.

  • Avicta - Complete Family of Seed Treatments

    Avicta - Complete Family of Seed Treatments

    Yield loss may occur as early as day one. Be proactive in your efforts to protect against early-season threats that prevent your corn, cotton and soybean crops from reaching their yield potential and defend your bottom line: use the Avicta Complete family of seed treatments. Avicta Complete seed treatment brands and the component products pack the power to fight against damaging nematodes, insects and diseases to help each seed reach its genetic yield...

  • Celest - Broad-Spectrum Seed Treatment Fungicide

    Celest - Broad-Spectrum Seed Treatment Fungicide

    Broad-spectrum seed treatment fungicide for cereals and other crops. CELEST is based on fludioxonil with its unique mode of action. The standard in crop safety, efficacy and user safety in the fungicide seed treatment of small grain cereals.